Are You Getting the Results You Want?

Mindset is the hidden determinant behind the success or the failure of any activity we undertake. It is the unseen force that either propels you forward to make the kind of money you desire, have the relationship you want or to develop new habits.  Alternatively, it can block you from living the kind of life you really want.

It is made up of our attitudes, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, our old programming, personality and our emotional intelligence.  It is so much more than positive thinking.

Whether you realize it or not your life is a result of your existing mindset. And mindset is often a complicated creature and can impose massive and often unseen limitations on our performance and results.

For example, do you know your financial Upper Limit? Do you know you even have one? Or how to raise it?

A financial upper limit is a fixed amount of income that we allow ourselves to earn. It is possible to go beyond it at times but we can often ‘sabotage’ ourselves and create unnecessary spending or losses. We need to know how to raise it and sustain it, otherwise we continue to earn the same amount each month.

Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset? If you are in the business of sales or any form of entrepreneurship or self employment, then this is an important distinction to know. It also determines whether or not we take on new challenges or we stick to the safety of the known and live out Groundhog Day lives. Why? Because the type of mindset you have has the power to make or break you.

Do you know that your thoughts, however positive they might be are only responsible for about 7% of your results? Are you familiar with what makes up the remaining 93%? And do you know how to access that part of your brain? Increased success, more joy and even having more money depend on you making it your subconscious mind your best friend.

Stress is the silent killer. Dr Joe Dispenza in his groundbreaking book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” says that in the western world, the majority of us live with the stress response button permanently turned on.   Did you know that stress can be optional?  It does not have to be something we live with and take for granted.

Stress is resistance to what is. It is nothing more than negative perception. With the right training, stress can not only be managed, but avoided all together with the right tools and enough practice.

Are you familiar with the concept of neuroplasticity and how it can dramatically change just about everything in your life? This is the biggest breakthrough in the personal development world in the 21st Century and as our knowledge of this new branch of science increases so will your ability to draw on it to BE more, DO more and HAVE more. Rewiring your brain to create better results is the new black in peak personal performance.

Have you heard of Imagineering? The results from engaging in this process daily are out of this world. Literally. It allows you to tap into a field of Universal Intelligence that is the very basis of life itself. It is all knowing and can assist you in ways you could only dream about.

How would you like to stop being triggered by anyone else or by your circumstances? Can you imagine what a difference that would make to your life? Emotional mastery is not only possible but almost essential as we navigate an ever changing and stressful world and we have complete power over it with the right tools.

Do you know your point of power when it comes to mindset? It’s that few seconds you have to create a different ‘story’ from those mindset lies you love to tell yourself.  And you can learn to engage it.

Why do you procrastinate or engage in ‘self sabotage’? Have you heard of secondary gain? It’s the driving force in such unproductive behaviour.

Do you have a tool to change your state at will? Check out my Thought Zapper, the ultimate mindset and personal development tool.

So, how much do you know about mindset and what it really means and how to use it to make a difference in the results you are getting?

When you empty your mindset of the limitations and train it correctly, your mind performs differently. You get better results. Just like there are specific exercises you can do to improve the physical body, your mindset can be trained the same way. But you have to use a proven formula to ensure you get results. The brain must be rewired. You have to break the habit of being yourself and create a new mindset based on upgraded programs.

And that’s what Neurostrategies for Change does. Our coaching and training programs rewire the brain for peak performance and results. Our methods are not strictly traditional but they are remarkably effective. To find out more, contact us here.

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