Are You Getting the Results You Want?

Are you a coach, practitioner, entrepreneur, small business owner or network marketer who wants to make a difference in the world?  Are you someone who wants to achieve more, earn more and be more?

But you are having a challenge reaching that place where you can actually make a difference. Maybe you have had some success already and are looking to uplevel  and yet your results and your income have plateaued.

Perhaps you are having difficulty getting your project or business off the ground.

Are you a heart based entrepreneur who undercharges for your magic?

Perhaps you want to write that best seller? Or multiple best sellers, but you’re afraid and you’re not sure what about?

Maybe you want to introduce a radical new program into schools or into the corporate world, but you’re terrified of not being up to the job, so you hold back.

Perhaps you want to earn a truck load of money, much more than your parents or your friends could ever imagine and you know you could, but every time you come close, something happens to sabotage your success.

 You know you have an amazing message and a strong desire to make the world a better place, but you feel as if there’s an invisible hand holding you back, keeping you playing small.

So, what’s happening?  Are you  scared to death of standing out in case you haven’t got what it takes? What if you aren’t as good as you’d like to think you are and you were just kidding yourself?  Wow, that’s scary, isn’t it?  I’ve been where you are.  I know what that self doubt feels like and I know how paralysing it can be. And your fears feed  that self doubt, keeping you stuck in Groundhog Day situations like the one you’re in.

“Awesome session today with Madonna Robinson. Do you have a fear of Rejection? I did. I had a fear of being seen as weird, a fear of being seen! After just one session with Madonna, I feel ready to take on the world. I am ready to been seen. I am ready to be heard.  I now have the skills to keep that fear of rejection at bay and not let it back in. Thank you Madonna Robinson, I am truly grateful.”  Mary Kerr, Angel Wings Wellbeing


Madonna Robinson thank you so much for the session today. I was stuck with a huge fear of prospecting and calling people. And afraid of my foreign accent. My business was going bad. After one session I feel so much confident and I want to pick up the phone and call as many businesses as I can! The feeling is gone. I will see how I go next week. thanks a lot for your help. Loving and caring person! have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo” Milla Medeiros,  Just Marketing


Thank you for the session today Madonna, I already feel a big shift. It’s amazing what one session can do, you hit my fear on the head and now I can happily say it is gone. I am actually excited to to the things that terrified me only moments before our session. I don’t know exactly how this works, but it definitely worked for me! A million ‘thank yous.”Vanja Stace, Stace and Co


Some people claim that if your Y is big enough, you’ll do what it takes to be successful, yet I found that wasn’t enough for me and I’m guessing it isn’t enough for you either.   And it’s all to do with those troublesome beliefs around the need to be accepted and liked by everyone.  You adopted them as part of your programming when you were too young to realise it doesn’t matter if some people reject you or don’t choose you. Those old programs are stuck in there and need serious updating.

“WOW! I can’t begin to explain how this works but it just does! I had my first 1 hour session this morning & experienced a huge shift in not only the way I was feeling but also in my thinking. Since opening my business I’ve been somewhat paralysed with fear of being rejected by clients & suppliers but from just one session I’ve now learnt that it’s all in my thinking & I had big blocks that were stopping me from moving forward. I don’t feel that fear to the same extent as those blocks are now gone. I know I still have a bit more work ahead of me but I love this approach as it gets straight to the point/issue with no messing around. It brings freedom, prosperity, hope, peace & essentially happiness. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Madonna for opening up my mind and my world!”  Sophie Roullier, Back in Balance


You know you have much more to offer than many of those around you, and you have a massive vision, but somehow you can’t seem to get the results you need to make that happen.

Maybe you are doing everything right but still not getting the results you want.

♥♥♥ The good news is there is a solution. ♥♥♥

Whatever your situation, it’s fairly obvious that if you are not making sufficient progress with your dream, you are not yet vibrationally aligned with it, which means it probably won’t happen unless there is a radical mindset shift.


“I had my first session today and can’t thank you enough! Madonna guided me effortlessly to my deepest fears and helped me release my fears of rejection, failing and “what will my parents think”. And all in 30 minutes. I have used these techniques before for other issues and cant recommend them and Madonna Robinson enough! So thank you, Thank you for your help! x   Oh, and of course posted an Isagenix post straight after our session ;  no fear! Because that stuff really works!”  Cat   Catherine Godward, Isagenix Consultant


Working with me means using the latest developments in the field of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change based on exposure to new information.  The difference being that the Mindset Upgrades I have developed are delivered in such a way that resistance from the conscious mind is bypassed, which makes change fast, effective and permanent.

The truth is you will never reach your full potential or enjoy the level of success you desire or make a real difference in the world until your fears and sabotages and old beliefs have been dealt with. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how amazing your product or service is, how much of a difference it could make, it will never happen to the extent you know it could while you worry about the opinions of others, while you are still people pleasing, while your feelings can be so easily trampled on.  And it will never happen until you upgrade your outdated beliefs.  You need to Empty Your Sh#t Bucket first because if you don’t it will keep sabotaging you.

You’ve probably been told that the best way forward is to feel the fear and do it anyway, take massive action and just do it.  And that works for some people, but not you. It’s not your style to be pushy.  I never ask my clients to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’  That is very old school and entirely unnecessary.

There is a much easier way,  a method that ensures you are vibrationally aligned with your mission and purpose in life BEFORE you take action.

Ever heard of rewiring the brain?  That’s what I do in the fastest and easiest way possible. If you can relate to any of the above, then it’s time to rewire your brain for success.

Once your bucket has been emptied, Rewiring the brain is the next step. This changes you from the inside first before you take that action. It makes sure all the ducks are in a row (or at least enough of them) for you to feel confident and authentic taking action and stating very clearly to the world what you are here for and how you can help.  And for you to bypass sabotage and resistance and procrastination.

Rewiring your brain for success puts you in vibrational alignment with what you want.  It allows you to express your magic to the world in a way that is completely natural and authentic because it is who you are.  Let’s be honest.  You know that the world needs what you can offer, more so than ever before.

And you deserve to have the income and the success that you seek.  You know you could make a massive impact on the world if only the world would wake up and see you for who you truly are.

Only two things stop us from achieving our goals, our self identity and the belief that it can actually happen.  For us.   Both of these can be changed by emptying that bucket and rewiring your brain. These steps together enable you to make the Big Leap, that giant leap to your next level, to that place you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

2017 is just around the corner, so lets’ make it your best year yet. If you are ready to dabble only at this stage to get to know me and to see how this could work for you, why not jump on over to my Facebook group where you’ll learn lots of cool stuff for free and connect with other amazing people who are also going places. Maybe you simply want to start with believing at the deepest level of your being that you ARE ENOUGH.

Perhaps you are past that and just want to get right down to emptying that Sh#t Bucket, that big bucket of lies and nonsense stories that hold you back, make you procrastinate, avoid sales conversations and keep you playing small.

If you have any questions, they can be better answered in the Facebook group where they will benefit others as well. I’m so excited for 2017.  Are you?


♥ ♥ ♥ “We all have greatness within us.  Sometimes we just need a little help in finding it.”♥♥♥   Madonna Robinson




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