10 Common Mindset Traps that Female Solopreneurs Fall Into

Good Enough“Success is not about your techniques, it’s not solely about the wisdom or the knowledge you have, it’s about your mindset and your actions.” Steve Maraboli

Mindset is the number one factor that will either make or break your success as female solopreneur, so it’s important to get it right. There are many tell tale signs that you might be falling victim to some common mindset traps.

1. Thinking small.
Coaches, alternative therapists, home based entrepreneurs often think way too small about the possibilities for their business. The major difference between those who earn 6 and 7 figures in their business is not ability, not skills or training, but thinking. It is a natural propensity of  human beings  to limit ourselves.  It is a self protective strategy.  Limiting ourselves keeps our fears at bay.   All of us have an image of ourselves inside a box.

Of course this box is imaginary and generally we are unaware of it, but this box exists and it represents the limits of our willingness  to see ourselves performing or achieving  in the big world out there.  How big is your box?  Expanding  your box means getting out of your comfort zone, the area where most of us fail to venture. We think small therefore we stay small in business and in life.

2. Fear of asking for Joint Ventures.
A joint venture is a clever way to grow your small business. The rewards are high and yet the cost is minimal. Using other people’s already established networks cuts costs for you and saves a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent building those connections.

Being reluctant or afraid to ask for a joint venture comes from one place and that is lack of self belief and the fear of being rejected.

3. Second guessing yourself
Sometimes it is difficult to make  decisions that affect our capacity to earn a living.  There is so much at stake, and it can cause fear to creep in which leaves us open to being swayed by the opinions of others.

But, when we second guess our choices, we are demonstrating a distinct lack of faith in ourselves. Success in business requires a great deal of self belief and the ability to make and execute strategic decisions is crucial to success.

4. Not Good Enough Syndrome.
Some women seem to have this tattooed on their forehead and yet others appear self confident and in the flow. Many in the latter category have become skilled fakers till they make it, and that approach can be useful getting started in business. Regardless of how obvious this issue is for women, it limits us, it holds us back. It lowers our vibration, the very aspect of our being that attracts to us the right people and the right circumstances to ensure our continued success.

5. People Pleasing.
Women are particularly vulnerable to this one as well. We try to be all things to all people, we water down our abilities so others don’t feel intimidated or jealous and we often feel responsible for others instead of serving them.  People pleasing does not serve us and it limits both our performance and our success.

6. Comparing yourself or your performance to others in similar industries.
Women are great at making comparisons. Sometimes it seems that we are only aware of our worth in relationship to others. Comparisons with others are not only futile, they are self defeating. There is no one on the planet like us, no one provides the same service as we do. Each of us is unique and skilled in our own ways. Comparing ourselves to others makes us small and keeps us limited and prevents our business from fully blossoming into the success it could be.

7. Being overwhelmed and feeling like giving up often.
As women, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Should I advertise? Traditional media? Social media? Do I need to be on Twitter? Should I hire a copywriter? Maybe I need to develop my speaking skills? Am I spending enough time with the kids? What about my personal life? What’s for dinner?  Argh!!!!!  These questions and dozens more like them contribute to the overwhelm that female solopreneurs face.

Many women find themselves in a position of having to take a job in order to survive, which not only limits the amount of time spent on the business, it can result in a loss of momentum and make success even harder. Women are often faced with this difficult choice if they find they don’t have enough capital to make it through until the business grows.

8. Not investing in personal development.
As solopreneurs, we ARE the business and in order for the business to grow, we must grow to fit the ever changing demands of the marketplace.

It is essential to invest in personal development on an ongoing basis if we are to grow a strong business in this economy.

9. Undercharging for your services.
This is extremely common and in fact, a big problem for women. Undercharging definitely ensures our businesses don’t grow. We undercharge for a number of reasons.  Fear is certainly a factor. We fear losing our clients or customers if we charge what we’re worth. We fear they won’t pay more than the basic price.

Think value.  How much value do you bring to your clients?  Start charging for the value you bring  and stop thinking in terms of trading dollars for hours.

And we undercharge because of our own lack of self worth. Unconsciously, we don’t feel our products or services are worth more.  In essence, that means they’re not and we miss out on much needed revenue.

10. Mindreading.
Women are the best mind readers on the planet, and although that skill might come in handy in some areas of life, it does not serve us in business. Women use mind reading against themselves in business. We imagine that ‘they’ wouldn’t be interested in working with us, that ‘they’ wouldn’t need our product or service or that ‘they’ are probably happy with who they are using. And we don’t ask. We don’t ask so we don’t get.

In business, female soloprenurs can be their own worst enemies. The list of self sabotaging mindset traps we can fall into are  not entirely covered by this list. There are more, many more ways in which our mindset holds us back from the very success we strive so hard for. The best way to overcome all of these barriers to success is to work with a coach or mentor, some one who can help you through these mindset traps and shorten your journey to success.

I set aside a certain amount of time each week to help women come up with a plan to move them forward as I can quickly pin point the areas that are limiting their success.  Sometimes it involves working with me and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way they end up with a strategy for their success.

If that is something you think might help you, hit the contact button and schedule a strategy session for yourself.  You’ve nothing to lose, but much to gain. Have a great day.


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