25 Mindset Traps that will Suck the Life out of your Entrepreneurial Business

Suck the lifeThese are Business Blockers, 25 mindset traps that will suck the life out of your entrepreneurial business success and what to do about it.

Believing that;

  1. They won’t pay what you are worth, so you undercharge. When you charge what you’re worth, not only will you demonstrate that worth to the world, you’ll attract clients who value you as well.  Just do it.
  2. The economy is bad or that no one has any money. That’s nonsense. There are plenty of cashed up buyers out there right now who are ready and willing and able to buy your solution. Stop believing that.  Change your focus.
  3. You don’t have any credibility so you have to start small until you get momentum. Believe in yourself and others will.  Waiting is one of the biggest mistakes I made and there were many.  You wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t have the expertise.
  4. You have to compete with others. More nonsense. Creators don’t compete. They create. You are a unique individual. No one on the planet offers the exact same service as you.  No one.  Capitalise on that and success will follow.
  5. You need a fancy website, business cards or amazing branding. Many successful businesses have very ordinary websites and many entrepreneurs don’t bother with business cards. Be so outstanding that you will be remembered for your impact and your knowledge and invest in the trappings as you earn more.
  6.  Selling is bad, unspiritual, sleazy and marketing makes you squirm. This is a self esteem issue, pure and simple. Value yourself and your service.  Be proud of it and know that you have a duty to solve the problems of others if you know how to.
  7. Positive thinking will see you through. Positive thinking can be dangerous as it sometimes enables us to bury our heads in the sand when things aren’t working. Having a no exit strategy is one thing, but being unwilling to shift direction to accommodate the marketplace is downright stupid.
  8. The success you really want is too good to be true for little old you. Your self image needs an upgrade as does your belief factor. Work on your mindset. Don’t be willing to settle for less.
  9. You need to compare yourself, your product or your service to anyone else. You either don’t know or you have forgotten who you really are. You are a spiritual being with unlimited potential.  Try tapping into that and stop comparing apples to oranges.  Give self doubt the flick.
  10. The past doesn’t matter. Unfinished business can derail your entrepreneurial success. The past will be repeated until it is completely resolved. Past failures that haven’t been acknowledged and grieved will keep playing out until resolved and can have a massive impact on your ability to be successful. If you have been ripped off in the past and still feel burdened by that, you will either attract those who rip you off or you will play it so safe that you limit your success.
  11. Everything you see is the way it is. Sometimes we need to suspend our belief and manipulate reality. Everything is energy and how you think affects the Law of Attraction. Be very careful of the language you use and the thoughts you have. Constantly see your success. Immediately negate negative thoughts. Use Tapping to clear out negativity and thoughts of failure.  Negative thinking and words create negative results.  It’s that simple.
  12. Not knowing what your subconscious beliefs are. And believing that because your thoughts are positive, then so will your results be. This is not necessarily true. Know what your subconscious beliefs are and discover the massive impact they have. This is a much bigger issue than most of us think. Our subconscious beliefs are formed in childhood when we don’t have access to all the information about our situation. They are often buried deep within as we grow up and forgotten about. Although we can think positively about our success, an unconscious belief like, ‘Life is a struggle,’ will create that result.  Similarly beliefs  about not being good enough or unworthy also create that and will block ultimate success.
  13.  It matters what others think. This is the fear of rejection, which is actually hardwired into the human psyche from tribal days. Being rejected from the tribe meant death, which is why we still fear it so much. Tapping  is s technique I teach my clients and it usually takes care of that outdated fear. The fear of rejection  will prevent you from seeking out new clients, asking for the sale, promoting yourself, asking for joint ventures and a myriad of other actions necessary for entrepreneurial success.
  14. Fear of success or failure will kill you. Sometimes we are afraid of both. If we are successful we might lose friends, lose it all or fail and feel humiliated, so we sabotage our success by making the wrong choices, wasting time or letting opportunities slip by.  Let that mindset trap go. Once again Tapping works well here.
  15. Perfectionism is the answer.  If you wait till until you are ready, that day might never come. This is another smokescreen for low self esteem.  Work on your self esteem and your self image as if your life depended on it, because it does.
  16. Business has to be hard,which is a guaranteed recipe for becoming overwhelmed, negative and stressed out. Emotional mastery is essential to business success, not only because emotional overwhelm affects business decisions but because our emotional state is a reflection of our vibration which directly impacts on the Law of Attraction.
  17. Being busy means productive. This is often a sign of disguised procrastination. Procrastination and what is termed ‘self sabotage’ are indications that we are running conflicting programs. It is imperative that all fear based programs be identified and eliminated. We hinder our success if we waste time on unimportant activities at the expense of revenue producing ones.
  18. Clients will find you.  This is the ‘build it and they will come’ belief, but it is not being proactive in finding clients.  When I first started in business I thought all you and to do was to put a few brochures around in significant places telling prospective clients the benefits of my amazing service and follow that up with a web presence and it would all be hunky dory after that. Nothing could be further from the truth. The failure to actively seek out clients and joint venture partners ensures that no one finds us.
  19. You don’t have to know what you really sell or who you sell it to. Truth is no one wants what you are selling. They want a solution to their problem. Just because someone needs your product or service doesn’t mean that they will buy.  Often they don’t even know they need it.  Find a niche that you know well, identify a problem within that niche and offer a solution for a clearly identified group.
  20. You don’t need a coach or a mentor and thinking you can do it alone. Without a doubt, this is a big factor in entrepreneurial failure. We all have blinkers on when it comes to our business and performance, we all need someone to keep us accountable, to bounce new ideas off, to open our business eyes and to encourage us when the going gets tough. We either pay for a coach or mentor now, or pay for it in lack of results later.
  21. You have enough funds and that business skills are unnecessary. It usually takes much longer to reach the success tipping point than anticipated by the eager entrepreneur, so make sure you have sufficient funds to see the distance. Read the E Myth and understand why even basic business skills are a must.
  22. You don’t have money blocks. Although this fits into a few other categories already discussed, it is worth mentioning as a stand alone. Money or lack of it is a heavily invested emotional issue. Coming from a working class family or a family that struggled financially can place serious limits on our ability to make and keep money today due to our old programming. All money blocks can be cleared.  Find an energy practitioner who specialises in this.
  23.  Your skills are average and that everyone can do it. Not knowing your true value and the value to the client and being able to articulate that to your clients is a serious limitation. We tend to underestimate the value we can bring to a client because we think that because it comes easy to us, it’s the same for everyone. Not even slightly true. And you need to learn to spell out the benefits of working with you and the consequences of not doing so.
  24.  You are a fraud. Many female entrepreneurs suffer from Impostor Syndrome because they have not invested enough personal in development to become the person they need to be in order  to do what needs to be done so that they can have the entrepreneurial success they desire.  Impostor Syndrome means that you continually feel like a fake or a fraud and that you live in fear of being found out.  This can have severe implications for your entrepreneurial success as it can often be spotted by others who might then choose to work with someone else. Make sure you stop falling for this one.
  25.  Not understanding that your mind is a muscle. Positive thinking is not enough.  We need to fully understand the importance of mindset and how to keep it in the peak performance zone. Our minds  need to be regularly updated with positive and uplifting thoughts and your beliefs need constant readjustment. Your mind needs a regular workout just like your body.

How many of these business blockers are sucking the life out of your entrepreneurial success?  I have personally experienced all of the above either in this business or previous ones, so I know the impact these make. If you’d like to have a chat about sucking some life back into your business, then let’s schedule a Discovery Session to see if we can make that happen.


You can join with me here if you’d like to know more about mindset or business blockers. And don’t let them suck the life out of your entrepreneurial business







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2 Responses to 25 Mindset Traps that will Suck the Life out of your Entrepreneurial Business

  1. Ruth July 29, 2016 at 11:09 am #

    Brilliant article and advice Madonna, thanks so much – it’s just what I needed to read right now!

    • Madonna July 30, 2016 at 11:37 am #

      Thank you Ruth. I wrote it because I have fallen for most of these at some stage. And they can cause us to give up. And we don’t want that.

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