Are you a 6 figure income person?

6 Figure Income PersonAre you a 6 figure income person?

When I look at my Facebook newsfeed, (which I do often) it seems today that everyone is teaching everyone else how to reach a 6 figure income. They are teaching them the steps that’s for sure. What seems to be missing from all of these programs is the most important element.

Let’s take the area of coaching as an example. It takes more than the right system to make the transition from $30,000 in a coaching business to $125,000 a year. It takes a different person from the one you are now to stretch to a 6 figure mindset. It requires that you see yourself in a different light. It means a massive mindset upgrade in many areas.

Most coaches bomb out in the first 18 months and it’s not because they aren’t skilled enough. Failure is very rarely due to lack of skills. I completed my Life Coaching Certification with a man called John, not his real name of course. John was as capable at coaching as any new coach. He was certainly better at it than me. As we practised on each other in the weeks that followed, I knew he wouldn’t make it as a coach. He didn’t have the one ingredient necessary to make it though to the tipping point.

John didn’t believe in himself.  Sure, he took all the steps, gave it a good shake so to speak, but inside he just didn’t ‘see’ why anyone would pay him to coach them.

He struggled with it for about 10 months and then took a job. His wife was more than happy.

Why did John bomb out? Simple, he feared he wasn’t good enough. His confidence levels were very low. He undercharged from the very beginning and he didn’t know the value he could bring to his clients, despite his many years of expertise in health and wellness. How did I know this about John? Part of my gift is knowing what a person needs to shift from where they are to where to where they want to be and I bring that to my coaching.

Entrepreneurial success has never been about skill level. It is determined by what we believe is possible for us, by how worthy we feel and by how much value we place on our service. It is characterised by tenacity, fearlessness and a willingness to invest in self development.

Becoming a 6 figure entrepreneur in any service industry requires much more than taking the necessary steps. It requires that you upgrade the current version of yourself to become a vibrational match to a 6 figure income. If you’d like to know more how you could become that match, let’s book a Discovery Session and we’ll schedule a time to see if we are a fit.  If you’d like to know more about this or anything mindset, connect with me here.

I’d love to help you BEcome who you need to become to  create your #lifebydesign.

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