7 Obstacles Preventing You from Getting Coaching Clients


real-you-21. You call yourself a Life Coach because you are too afraid to choose a targeted coaching niche.

SOLUTION; Consider this. If you were given a choice between choosing an accountant who specialises in accounting for coaches or a generalist accountant and the price was the same, and everything else was equal, which one would you choose? Most people would chose an accountant who specialises in your industry as they would know more about the relevant deductions than the generalist.

If you were struggling to discover how to find the right relationship for you after a number of failures, would you choose someone who specialises in how to find and choose the right partner or someone who describes themselves as a relationship coach? It’s a no brainer really.

Choosing a niche
• enables you to become an expert in your industry.
• makes marketing easy as you can target the exact problems a certain group faces and offer solutions
• enables you to find clients much more easily

Choosing a niche brings up fear and beliefs around scarcity, but the truth is that niching works. It can make all the difference between success and failure in your business.


2. You get lots of interest but few paying clients
So many people tell you that what you offer is awesome but they fail to engage your services.

SOLUTION; Do you give prospects too much information? Too much information only confuses people. Confused people say No because it stops the overwhelm they are currently feeling. Make it easy for them to say Yes.

Too much information smacks of desperation, of client neediness and it can sound like you are trying to convince yourself of your own value. Once you understand your own value, and are fully aligned with it, you don’t need to overwhelm prospects with the nitty gritty of what you do. All they really want is a solution to their problem.

To turn prospects into clients you need to ask the right questions of prospects so that they understand at a much deeper level what their problem actually is and how your service solves their problem.

And you need to develop a sales process? A sales process takes you from amateur to professional.


3. You hate asking for the sale
You avoid asking for the sale because it makes you feel uncomfortable. In fact, you hate selling. Selling brings up your self worth issues and makes you concerned that you will be rejected. When a prospect doesn’t choose to work you there are two main reasons for it. And neither of them have any thing to do with rejecting you.

SOLUTION; Either you haven’t touched their pain point at a deep enough level, which probably means you suck at selling, or they don’t trust themselves enough to invest in their development. Learn some basic selling techniques. The second problem can be overcome by asking a few simple questions around self trust and build that in to your solution.


4. You feel like a fraud
You have a lot of self doubt and constantly and think that you aren’t ready to start looking for premium paying clients. You ‘feel’ unready and you wonder why anyone would choose you over someone else with more experience. You wonder if what you offer is good enough or if people will pay you to solve their problem.

You actually doubt your ability to solve their problem, even though there is a part of you who knows you are ready. Unfortunately, because everything is energy, the Imposter Syndrome as it is called will be picked up by prospective clients and they often choose not to work with you.

SOLUTION; You are telling yourself old stories, what I call BS stories. They are not true. Let them go. Start telling yourself better stories about who you are, your skills and your ability.


5. You lurk on social media
Oh sure you post inspirational or motivational memes, written by someone else.  And so does every other second person who hides on social media. You are scared to be original, scared of the judgement of others. So you are beige in a world screaming out for your colour.

SOLUTION; Stop hiding the real YOU. Be bold, be bright, be original. Stand out.  Show your knowledge.


6. You fear rejection
You do everything in your power to avoid rejection. Rejection feels very uncomfortable for you because it triggers those old stories and brings up your self worth issues. These issues are not real even though they feel real.

SOLUTION; When we fear rejection enough to let it hold us back, old events from the past have been triggered. Find those situations and release the old stuck emotions. Drill down a bit further and find any limiting decisions you might have made about yourself and let them go.


7. You procrastinate a lot.
Procrastination is another unmistakable sign that there is a disconnect somewhere between what you want and what you fear. It can be caused by the fear of rejection, fear of success or failure, fear of loss or the fear of looking stupid or incompetent.

Your output is then patchy.  Consistency is the key to success.

SOLUTION; Drill down on you beliefs and challenge them. Remember that all these beliefs and old stories are not true and you can move beyond them.

And start showing up more regularly.

If you are stuck in a client free zone, don’t think doing more of the same will help.  It won’t.  The world is filled with coaches who think it’s an easy road to prosperity.  It isn’t and it isn’t for the faint hearted or those that lack resilience or self belief.

Truth is all of these obstacles point to one thing. You are not being you, hiding your true self and your gifts from those who need your help.  Come out of the closet. Start showing up as you.  Make the difference in the world you know you are here to make.

And if you want to fast track that considerably, invest in yourself and find a coach who specialises in these areas and start getting some traction.  You do want more clients don’t you?   In the meantime, join this  Facebook group where you can learn about all things mindset and get some questions answered that might just help you move forward.

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