Are You Lucky?

LuckyAre you a lucky person? If you are then you either win lots of things or maybe everything just falls into place for you easily. Your ducks seem to always fly in formation.

But is there really such a thing as a lucky person? In reality NO. But there are those who have amazingly good luck. I always considered myself an unlucky person and consequently I never won anything. And my ducks seemed to fly off in opposite directions to each other. My ducks just weren’t cooperative at all.

But then I noticed that some people in my circle were incredibly lucky and being a mind detective and a really inquisitive person, (and really sick of never winning anything) I decided to start an experiment. I started saying how lucky I was and how I always won raffles and prizes. And before long I was winning lots of small stuff.

(Wow!!! Just had a thought that maybe I should really hone this and start concentrating on winning bigger stuff. Now, there’s an idea.)

That process of repetition of thoughts for a purpose or a desired outcome is what neuroscience calls rewiring the brain. We can also call it training the mind or without any technical jargon, simply changing the mind. But can we change Core Beliefs as easily as this?

My experience says No. But then again, I’ve had some pretty solidified beliefs which were cemented in with traumatic emotions.

Beliefs are cemented thought forms, but boy they hold some power as they eventually become our experiences.

Beliefs aren’t necessarily true. But they become true for us. The ones that shape our reality and ultimately our destiny are often just picked up unconsciously as children or inherited from family. For example if you were constantly told that you weren’t as good as your brother or cousin or next door neighbour then chances are you took that on board and believed it. And today, you might feel inferior to others.

Beliefs are statements about our own personal experiences. Nothing more. Sure, they can feel very real to us, but they are not true and they are not set in stone. The good news is that the limiting ones can be changed.

Constant repetition of ideas and thoughts can create new beliefs. What new beliefs can you start creating today? Maybe that you’ll win the first prize in Lotto? Just kidding.

If you are having trouble letting go of some old beliefs, and you’d like to find out more about strategies to rewire the brain, let’s connect here in this beaut little Facebook group.
But if you are sick and tired of manifesting what you don’t want because you’re stuck with some dodgy beliefs, contact me for a discovery call to see if we are a fit and if you are ready to shift some sh#t.

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