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Life by Design

Life By Design

A number of people have asked me what I mean by a life by design as I have been posting the phrase on Facebook lately. And naturally the next question is do I already have it.  A life by design does not mean that my life is perfect or that I have everything I want. […]

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Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I spent a large chunk of my life comparing how hard my life was to how easy everyone else had it. It seemed grossly unfair to me. And it definitely seemed to me that I didn’t deserve what life dished up to me. As I opened up to my journey of healing and self development […]

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What’s Stopping You From taking the Next Step?

I speak to so many intelligent, capable and multi -talented women who have no idea of how valuable their skill set is. Many don’t have an elevator pitch that properly describes their awesomeness.  Some hate networking, others shy away from self promotion in any way.  Many of these women could be blogging about what they […]

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Would you work for a critical, bullying, slave driver? I’m sure most of you would answer a resounding ‘No’ to that question.  The interesting thing is that I see clients, friends and acquaintances do just that everyday. And they don’t even realize it. The slave driver is themselves.  In conversations or client sessions I hear […]

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Ever feel not good enough?

Ever Feel Not Good Enough?

Maybe you’ve never considered that possibility, but it could be happening without you being consciously aware of it.  Not feeling good enough shows up in many disguises.  Sometimes it comes as a fear of networking or making that elevator speech. Not feeling good enough could be the reason you have a problem with sales or […]

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How to Identify and Resolve an Issue Quickly and Easily

In my own personal development journey I have learned many things over 28 years.  But if I had to sum up the most important lesson I have learned, it is this.  If you have an issue, find the  Core Belief and resolve that.  Don’t waste time and money and energy on the side issues, because […]

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Got Writers Block?

Sometimes we’re stuck for ideas.  We simply can’t think of a thing to write.  Luckily, I don’t have a problem with this.  Mine is the opposite.  I have too many ideas and get overwhelmed easily. But, I do have blocks though on other things like dealing with paperwork, going to the gym and ironing.  When […]

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Personal Development is a Lot Like Gym Membership

Having gym membership does not guarantee getting fit.  Getting fit requires going to the gym and using the equipment.  Often. Exercise keeps the body healthy and fit, but it must be performed regularly to be effective. Personal Development keeps the mind and emotions healthy and fit.  It also must be engaged in on a regular […]

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