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Don't Give Up

Don’t Give Up Five Minutes Before the Miracle

When I first met Sam, he was on the verge of giving up and taking a job.  He had been struggling for months trying to set up his coaching business.  In the past 5 months, Sam had attended a staggering 75 network meetings, written a blog 3 times a week and invested in both online […]

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What can network marketers learn from American Idol?

What Can Some Online Network Marketers Learn From American Idol?

Network marketing is no different to any other business.  I could be wrong, but I believe there are no shortcuts regardless of what claims are made.  Why do I think this?  Because there are certain immutable laws that exist on this planet and they extend to business equally as the inevitability of an apple falling […]

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Why Did These 22 Businesses Fail?

Some years ago, I started a singles Dance Party business for the over 40’s called Swingles.  I was convinced that many people in this age group were disillusioned with nightclubs, loud music and standing up in bars.  I came to this conclusion because of my own preferences and realized that I was not alone in my […]

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Tony Robbins Agrees With Me

The strategy myth is responsible for the failure of most businesses according to Tony Robbins in his White Paper, Mindset Over Marketing.    Unfortunately, most would be entrepreneurs are doomed to fail because they don’t truly understand what it takes to be successful.  They follow conventional thinking and place their trust in the strategy myth, he […]

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Is Your Gatekeeper Blocking Your Success?

It makes me laugh now when I see the ‘experts’ in mindset still recommending out dated ways to achieve success (although sometimes I want to cry with frustration).  Out dated methods are any form of cognitive based strategies like self talk, inspiration, motivation or tactics based on fear statements like ‘If you don’t take action […]

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5 Ways to Become Emotionally Stronger in Life

Life is all about ups and downs. No human being is immune from problems or downtimes whoever he or she is.   So if hard times are going to visit you anyway then why not face them like a strong person instead of acting weak?   If you are going to go through the same […]

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Why Would Someone Buy From You?

That’s what my small business trainer asked our class one day.  ‘Why would someone buy from you?’  In a class of about 10 I was the only one who put her hand up  and once I got started I think he was sorry he asked the question because I just didn’t stop.  None of the […]

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Blocks? What Blocks? I Don’t Have Any Blocks

When I first started in this business, I would stand up at network meetings to deliver my perfected elevator pitch and as soon as I mentioned the word ‘block,’ there’d be an immediate change in the energy and the blinkers would come down. At first I wasn’t fazed, but as it happened with such monotonous […]

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Business Failure

The Top 7 Reasons I Failed in MLM More Than Once

A serial MLM failure is how I would describe myself.  I have failed in so many direct selling networks that I feel embarrassed to tell you how many.  You’ll just have to take my word for it. The concept of passive income was appealing and the promises made by these master MLM marketers make it […]

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