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Are you taking things too personally?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone we met in our life and all those we care about either treat us with the utmost love and care or at least with very polite civility? Or wouldn’t it be equally wonderful if on the odd occasion that didn’t happen, we were able to respond instead of reacting […]

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7 Obstacles Preventing You from Getting Coaching Clients

  1. You call yourself a Life Coach because you are too afraid to choose a targeted coaching niche. SOLUTION; Consider this. If you were given a choice between choosing an accountant who specialises in accounting for coaches or a generalist accountant and the price was the same, and everything else was equal, which one […]

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Childhood Teaches Us Who We Are

One day without any warning my father took our much loved dog Sandy, a gorgeous border collie away without telling us. We never really knew where our dog went, so I guess it was easier to stop thinking about it. We loved that dog and it was it a terrible loss. That was one of […]

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The Gurus Are Not Always Right

Last week I saw a video clip of Brendan Burchard telling us that for too long that the personal development industry had focused on changing limiting beliefs and that it was time to focus on what we wanted and stop all the inner soul searching.  In fact he called limiting beliefs a myth. Really? Sounds […]

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Am I Enough

I Know I’m Good Enough so Why Don’t I Feel Like It?

Am I enough? How many times have you felt like you weren’t good enough even when you know it’s not entirely true? The question “Am I enough?” is real and part of the human condition. And don’t for a minute think that this feeling only affects those at the bottom of the food chain, or those […]

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I Can’t Help How I Feel

I can’t help how I feel. How many times have you said that? Do you believe it?  What if it weren’t true?  What if we could help how we feel? We tend to think that emotions just happen to us and that they are out of our control, because they appear so quickly and seem […]

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Income Rut

Stuck on That Same Old Income Level?

Most personal development programs I have attended (which have cost me multiple thousands of dollars with little result) have encouraged the participants to reach for huge amounts of money when coming up with financial goals. The number of times I’ve been told to ask for a million dollars a year and other such nonsense is astounding. If […]

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How I Ran a 6 Figure Business Out of Two Plastic Bags

Running a six figure business out of two plastic bags was how one of my very curious clients once described me. Twenty years ago, my brainchild Swingles, a dance party for the over 40’s, appeared to function from two plastic bags.  Actually they were more like plastic tubs but I can’t rule out the idea […]

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6 Figure Income Person

Are you a 6 figure income person?

Are you a 6 figure income person? When I look at my Facebook newsfeed, (which I do often) it seems today that everyone is teaching everyone else how to reach a 6 figure income. They are teaching them the steps that’s for sure. What seems to be missing from all of these programs is the […]

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