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Upper Limits are Meant to Be Smashed

Upper Limits are Meant to Be Smashed

When I first started my singles functions business, I was terrified of being discovered as an imposter.  The business model was based on securing venues with dance floors (for free) and advertising to singles 40+ who were over nightclubs and not being catered for in the marketplace to get together to meet each other. Little […]

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Upper Limit

How to Smash an Upper Limit

Unless we understand how the mind works we are doomed to repeat the failures of the past. And we will forever be stuck on an Upper Limit. We have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind and they are very, very different. While our conscious mind goes about moving towards creating success or reaching for […]

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Three M's of Business

The Three M’s of Business

In an entrepreneurial business, we need the 3 M’s; mindset, message and marketing. If any of one of these isn’t right, our business will fail. But we all look through the filter of our own lens and we see the world accordingly. Not everything is caused by mindset. We have been so brain washed into […]

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How to Stop Being Triggered

It’s easy to say ‘Stop being triggered,’ but how do you stop it? How do you stop other people from triggering your emotions? How do you not take things personally, feel hurt, angry or even enraged when someone pushes your buttons? Some of us seem to be able to do this automatically. (These people are […]

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Do you  deserve to be wealthy or successful?

Do you really deserve success?

I work with so many women (and some men) who believe they don’t deserve to earn a lot of money. This belief guarantees that they will repel money or success or prosperity in general. This belief is one of the first I test in my work with clients and it comes up in nearly all […]

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Feel Judged

Who is really judging you?

I used to walk into a room or a new social situation and feel like everyone was judging me, almost like that their sole purpose for being there was to size me up and see if I made the grade. Was I dressed right? Was my hair right (I still feel that. Lol)? Did I […]

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Selling to Serving

I hate selling and marketing

So many conscious entrepreneurs hate selling and marketing. It makes them feel ‘icky.’ They don’t want to be seen as a sleazy salesperson. And that’s understandable. Who would? The truth is if you are in business, you are in sales. There are a number of different ways to change your mindset around selling. Firstly, consider […]

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Ready to upgrade the old version?

Is it time to upgrade the old version of yourself?

Have you heard the famous Zig Ziglar quote, “You have to BE before you can DO, and DO before you can HAVE”? Are you Being who you need to be right now, or are you still trying to operate a successful business from the old version of you? Are you a heart based entrepreneur who […]

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There’s No Such Thing as Self Sabotage

There is a lot of misunderstanding around the notion of self sabotage. The dictionary meaning of sabotage is to ‘deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct something.’  What we judge as self sabotage is by no means an attempt to damage or destroy our efforts to succeed.  In fact, the opposite is true.  We really don’t sabotage […]

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