Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Don't Compare Yourself to OthersI spent a large chunk of my life comparing how hard my life was to how easy everyone else had it. It seemed grossly unfair to me. And it definitely seemed to me that I didn’t deserve what life dished up to me.

As I opened up to my journey of healing and self development I discovered many truths. Life is totally fair but not on the way our small ego minds see it. We get exactly what we vibrate, not what we say to others, not what we think or hope for, but what we truly FEEL in the depths of our being. How is that not fair?

If we resent the good fortune of others, or believe we are hardly done by, then our vibration is lack and negativity and that will be expressed through how we are treated, what we receive and what we block.

Two particular couples I knew stand out to me as being the epitome of having it all, not wildly rich, but happy and comfortable and loving. Nothing ever seemed to go wrong in their lives. Both had absolutely perfect children and although I did not resent them, I felt extremely jealous of their ‘perfect’ life, the one I craved.
A little while later, both lost one of those perfect children to cancer and cot death.

Comparing ourselves to others is not only futile, it negates who you really are and what your life  purpose is.  Life gives us what we need for our own growth, for our hearts to open and for our continual evolution into higher forms of consciousness. It’s hard to say what these people gained from these harrowing experiences, but I know exactly what I gained from mine, all of them. And I am truly grateful.

When we see others doing well, don’t compare your experience to theirs, remember that each of us is unique, our journey through this life is unique to us and that all of the ‘stuff’ we are involved in, career, family, accumulation of wealth are all props, nothing else.

It’s easy to be tempted into comparisons as the human mind wants to sort and organise experience, but it serves no useful purpose. After all, would you compare the taste of an apple to orange?

If you are wasting time comparing yourself to others and judging where you should be instead of working towards the future you want, then maybe we could together to get some traction happening for you. If you know it’s time to cut through the crap and get moving, then let’s see if we are a fit to make that happen faster.

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