Do you hate making those business phone calls?

You don't have to hate making those business calls

You don’t have to hate making those business calls

I work often with clients who hate to make those business calls. Call reluctance is a big problem, particularly if you are a network marketer or any entrepreneur who needs to follow up on prospects. Being able to pick up the phone and make calls is crucial if you are too time poor to set up coffee meetings or if you lack the skills for online marketing or if you need to convert prospects to clients.

Calling prospects or making those sales calls is what some of my clients would call a necessary evil. Before they work with me that is.  But does it have to be that hard? Of course not.

Why is it so hard?

So why do so many of us really struggle even with warm calling?

Blame it on the reptilian brain, the oldest part of your brain and the one responsible for survival. Making calls that involve the possibility of rejection triggers the survival response even if that threat is not real or personal in any way. Rejection from the tribe equals a threat to survival from the old brain’s perspective.

And that is why staring at our list of potential clients or prospects grips us with fear and makes busy work look so inviting.

So, how do we break that trance, that connection between the phone calls, potential rejection and fear which stops us in our tracks?

What can we do about call reluctance? 

We can break the neural pathways in the brain that trigger the survival response, the fear of rejection and taking it personally and we create new ones that connect making the phone calls with opportunity, fun and complete non attachment to outcome.

And we don’t do it by forcing our selves to face the fear and making the calls while feeling fearful. I would never ask my clients to do that. That’s the hard way. Who wants to force ourselves our selves to do fearful things? Sure, some brave souls would do that but I’m not one of them and neither are most of my clients.

An easier solution

It’s so much easier to change the neural pathways first, which change our perception and the way we FEEL. We break the old connections to fear and install new connections so that the fear is eliminated BEFORE we make the calls. We are literally rewiring our brains and we are making use of a relatively new field of brain science that is fast becoming the go to method for lasting change.  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new connections to activities previously thought of as fearful.  Neuroscience shows us that our brains are not hard wired but malleable and open to change with applied repetition.

So, how do we do this?

The easiest way to rewire our brains is through the body’s electrical system which is directly connected to the neural pathways that trigger fears and blocks those actions that the old brain considers dangerous. A few easy, simple daily exercises can have you making those calls like a champion quite soon, that is without the fear and with a new found confidence. Some of my past clients have overcome their call reluctance in a one hour session, although that can’t be guaranteed as each of us is different.  What is guaranteed is that if you stick with the strategy for as long as it takes YOU, you’ll eliminate your call reluctance and be able to make those calls with ease.

So, if call reluctance is a problem for you, and you want to call like a pro, take the next step and book in a 15 min Discovery Session with me.  It might just change your whole business because once you know how to apply this strategy, it can be used in multiple ways to change thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.  The limitations of this new field are only limited by our imaginations.

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