How to Identify and Resolve an Issue Quickly and Easily

In my own personal development journey I have learned many things over 28 years.  But if I had to sum up the most important lesson I have learned, it is this.  If you have an issue, find the  Core Belief and resolve that.  Don’t waste time and money and energy on the side issues, because if you resolve the Core Beliefs, the rest takes care of itself.

How Do I Know That?

I have spent many thousands of dollars on personal development, training programs, workshops, self help books, CD’s, coaches, and therapists. In fact, I often say that I could have bought a small island off the coast of Jamaica for a lot less.  Never the less, the knowledge I have gained allows me to shorten the time frame for others.

Is It a Chronic Issue?

If a client presents to me with a confidence issue for example, I firstly identify if it is a one off problem, a chronic issue or if there are related issues.

A one off issue is easily resolved in one session.  Chronic issues require a different approach, and usually suggests a limiting Core Belief as does the presence of related issues.

What Presents is Often Not the Problem, Only the Symptom

 I discover if the problem is chronic or if a related issue exists by asking questions, like ‘How long have you had this problem?’ or ‘Does it show up in other areas of your life?’

I might ask someone with a confidence issue if they fear public speaking, hate asking for anything or if they suffer with strong self doubt.

Once it is established that the issue is chronic or if related issues exist, I search for the Core Belief, once again, by asking questions.


  How to Identify a Core Belief

The way to identify a Core Belief for yourself is to drill down and ask questions like;

If that happened, what would that mean to me? Why?

How would I feel if they laughed at me? Why?

What would it matter if I forgot my speech?  Why?

How would I feel if I failed?  What would it say about me?

Why do I never have any money?

Drilling down is the key to success.  If a person says ‘I never have enough money because we never had enough when I was a child,’  keep drilling.  What DECISION did you make because of that situation either about you or money?  You are looking for a CORE belief.  Keep drilling down until you find it.


 Core Beliefs

Core beliefs come in two varieties.  One always starts with I and it is usually followed by Am. These are very strong and very limiting Core Beliefs.  The words ‘I Am’ hold a special significance in the process of creating which is why they must never be used negatively.

I’m flawed

I’m invisible

I’m unimportant

I’m bad

I’m not good enough

I don’t deserve

I’m stupid/incompetent/a stuff up

The second type of Core Beliefs are about our relationship to the world and how we see it.

The world is a very dangerous place.

Nothing ever works for me

Life is a struggle

Once you identify a Core Belief it can be dismantled with the right tools and most of the other aspects that are symptomatic of the core belief start to fall away.  I spent years chipping away at self confidence, insecurity, self belief, fear of failure, just to name a few.

I felt insecure because I didn’t feel good enough.  I lacked confidence because I didn’t feel good enough. I feared failure because that would prove I wasn’t good enough. All of the issues I presented with stemmed from that one core belief. Because that wasn’t identified, and because I kept working at the issue level only, my journey took so long and cost me so much money.

My Core Beliefs had not been identified, but once they were, I had the tools to move beyond them. I need not have spent 20 years working on so many different issues.  All the training I spent a fortune on would have been useful to me because I would have implemented it.  Negative Core Beliefs are strong barriers to taking action.

Core beliefs can be cleared by whatever method works for you.  For some, it’s NLP, for others hypnosis.  For me, it’s Tapping.   With my clients I also use Theta Healing which fast tracks the process even more.

If you have chronic or multiple issues, find your core beliefs and clear them instead of wasting time on symptoms.  How long it takes to effectively clear a core belief depends on how deeply entrenched they are, how willing you are to change and how well a particular tool works for you.

If you have any questions about Core Issues, why not join me in this Facebook group because  I would love to answer them for you.



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2 Responses to How to Identify and Resolve an Issue Quickly and Easily

  1. Pauline
    August 5, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    Hiya Madonna,

    I love this post – I’m a firm believer in solving the actual problem, not just the symptom. Although in some areas of my life, I suspect the actual belief itself is stopping me from even seeing that it is the problem!

    However… I don’t have much money. I’m not sure whether there’s a core belief about it, probably there is… but when I’m identifying my values, money isn’t very high on that list, in fact when I’m thinking of my core values, usually someone has to suggest it.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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    • Madonna August 5, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

      Hi Pauline,

      If you’re good at what you do and you don’t have much money, there is a core belief blocking you. It is pretty clear to see if something is a problem or not. How is your life working around money, relationships, business or career? if it isn’t working, there is a problem.

      Values and beliefs are very different, but they are connected. If money isn’t a high priority, but we actually need it to survive, then I’d ask why isn’t it a priority?

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