I hate selling and marketing

I hate sales and marketingSo many conscious entrepreneurs hate selling and marketing. It makes them feel ‘icky.’ They don’t want to be seen as a sleazy salesperson. And that’s understandable. Who would?

The truth is if you are in business, you are in sales. There are a number of different ways to change your mindset around selling.

Firstly, consider that selling is simply about finding a person who has a problem you can solve. You are only deciding, as they are, if you are a fit or not. If you aren’t a fit, then have you really been rejected? Of course not. Saying No to a sale is not a personal rejection. There are multiple reasons why a prospect or potential customer says No. And they are mostly about them. So, decide to not take it personally.

When I first started in in a service based business, I was so naive that I believed in the old adage, ‘Build it and they will come,’ meaning that simply telling people what I did and how I could help them was enough. Selling and marketing was something that salespeople did. And that was not me. And selling pushed all by insecurity buttons.  Why would anyone buy from me? Why wouldn’t they choose someone else? What do I know? Can I really help them? Why do I feel like a fraud? Oh, I hate selling and marketing.

And then I found a tool based on Energy Psychology that helped me change my perception around selling and actually eliminated the fear. Yes, you heard right. Tapping or EFT, works wonders on changing your mindset around hating selling and marketing and the fear simply dissipates.

When we first start out in a service based business and particularly if you are a conscious entrepreneur, we are all worried about them buying our stuff and we make it about us. We can become needy and sale orientated and that is very stressful, particularly for heart based entrepreneurs.

Try taking the focus off you and making it about them. They have a problem. You have a solution. Is there a fit? And if you can’t take the focus off you, try Tapping. It automatically takes you to that place.

You are giving the prospect an opportunity to have their problem solved. They are either ready or not. They are either a fit with you or they aren’t. No big deal, so why stress about it? That way you have no attachment to the end result. Just be engaged in the process.

Conscious entrepreneurs have in my opinion an obligation to share their message, product or service with the world. Holding back serves no one. There is no reason to hate selling or marketing. Those who do are usually poor.

Selling can be and should be fun. It all depends on your mindset.

If you would like to make the move from selling to serving or if you have any other blocks that are limiting your results, then contact me.  I’m open for a chat to see if we are a fit, and believe me, I’m not into hard sell.  I have no attachment to whether you work with me or not. But I’m certainly interested in finding out if you have a problem I can solve.

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