Is Your Gatekeeper Blocking Your Success?

It makes me laugh now when I see the ‘experts’ in mindset still recommending out dated ways to achieve success (although sometimes I want to cry with frustration).  Out dated methods are any form of cognitive based strategies like self talk, inspiration, motivation or tactics based on fear statements like ‘If you don’t take action now,…..’  There are far more effective methods available now for rapid mindset change.

Mindset is 80% responsible for the success of any endeavour, whether it be related to relationships, business or personal issues.  When it comes to mindset, expecting the conscious mind to do all the work is not only futile, it shows a complete lack of understanding of the mind and its ability to affect change.  And it is seriously out dated.


Our minds have two parts, the conscious and the unconscious. We all know this, but do we really?  Did you know that the unconscious mind is responsible for about 90% of all of our actions, reactions, emotions, fears, and choices?  If you do know this, how much time do you spend daily on mindset?  How much time you spend on deprogramming and reprogramming your unconscious mind?


Our conscious minds are not responsible for our success.  Our subconscious minds don’t want to change.  In fact, most minds resist change with a passion.  Suppose we have a set image of ourselves as an employee for example, and we’ve had that image for 20 years or more, and our parents were also employees, not business owners.  But now we want to start our own business.  Our conscious mind says ‘That’s a great idea.  I’m ready for this.’  But no one has told the unconscious mind.


All of a sudden, we expect the unconscious mind to accept that new image without question.  No matter how many times we’ve heard it, we still haven’t grasped the fact our conscious minds are not in charge of our success.  If we don’t spend time consciously deprogramming the image of employee and reprogramming the new image of ourselves as a business owner then guess what?  We will not, we can not, be successful.


Pretty soon, we realise that things are just not working out very effectively for us and the business is not booming.  In fact, it’s hardly alive.  So, in order to facilitate this mindset change we start paying a lot of money to attend seminars and workshops with really successful people who will tell you how you need to think and what action you need to take in order to be successful.


I know this because I have spent many thousands of dollars that I could ill afford buying into this idea that someone else could tell me what I needed to do to have the life of my dreams.


If you have also bought into this myth and it is a myth for most people, let me tell you this.  It doesn’t matter how many times you do Bob Proctor’s ‘Born Rich’ program or attend John Demartini’s workshops or pay a fortune for Anthony Robbins or Christopher Howard programs, unless you change the old programs in your subconscious mind, then you might as well just throw your money up into the air and let it blow away.


Why?  Because most of these programs do not have a system to deal effectively with the unconscious mind.  Why do they work for some people then?  They work for some people because the new image fits with their unconscious mind.  There is alignment of the two minds for a small majority of the population.  The rest are simply attracted to these high profile success stories because they want success so badly and because successful people have the high vibration that we are all attracted to.


The reason for this conflict is that the unconscious programs were created at a much earlier age when we did not have access to all the facts.  This part of your mind is the gatekeeper and if you ever tried to speak to a high profile person we all know what the gatekeeper’s job is.


Most of the programs, workshop and books that teach you to how to be successful do not tell you how to get past your own gatekeeper.  I have tried both subliminal and hypnosis CD’s for success, but with little effect.  There are two reasons for the poor success rate with these.  One is that they are not SPECIFIC enough to be of much use to you.  We all have different blocks and limitations which hinder us and the very general messages you hear on these CD’s don’t help your particular situation very much.


The second reason that these hypnosis CD’s don’t make much difference is because the whole concept is wrong if you are dealing with blocks and limitations.  Blocks and limitations need to be removed.  Hypnosis merely adds positive ideas but does little to eliminate the blocks.


If you want to get past your own gatekeeper, learn to tap.  Either find an EFT practitioner who can teach you or download a free manual from this site and learn how to clear your own blocks and install successful new beliefs.  You’ll save a ton of money and best of all, you’ll achieve what you have been looking for because you will have learned a tool which changes your mindset rapidly and effectively.  And it’s yours for ever.

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2 Responses to Is Your Gatekeeper Blocking Your Success?

  1. Jan
    April 29, 2012 at 11:52 pm #

    I recently did an accelerated learning coaching course – what an eye opener. Yes we talked a lot about the inner gate-keeper (Agnes), suddenly it was totally clear to me why my self talk didn’t work for so long. You do need to find a way to get past Agnes.

    As Seth Godin says – All sabotage is self-sabotage. Most of it is Agnes! Get past her and align the concious with sub-concious and see the results 🙂
    Jan recently posted..Learn How Google Search Works in 8 Minutes (start the clock!)My Profile

    • Madonna April 30, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

      Hi Jan

      Thanks for the interesting response. I’m not sure I know who Agnes is. Is that a name for all gatekeepers?


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