If Your Life Isn’t Working

loneliness-1879453_1280If your life isn’t working, check your Core Beliefs.

A person I worked with this week presented with general unhappiness and chronic procrastination. She had no idea as to why she was feeling unhappy. And the chronic procrastination was not your run of the mill lack of motivation or fear based inaction. It affected every area of her life from late payment of bills to letting things run down in her life to not taking care of business generally. And the effect was massive, especially financially.

Probably not rocket science to assume this was a complex issue. And a deeply ingrained one as it had been going on for more than 10 years, although the unhappiness had always seemed to be present. She had tried many, many modalities and programs and therapists to move on from this with little change.

Before I started using muscle testing I would have chosen one of these issues and tapped on it to see what came up. But even though tapping is 10 times faster and far more effective on stubborn or emotionally difficult issues than anything else I’ve seen, finding the cause first gets an even quicker result.

It was established that the two issues had a singular cause and that she was deeply unhappy with life itself even though rationally she knew that although things had been pretty tough she was gifted in so many ways and knew others had it far worse than her. She couldn’t find an ounce of gratitude either.

She held a belief that these things ‘should’ not have happened to her. “Shoulds’ are often very hard to dislodge as they contain so much self righteous emotion and they are harder still to shift if there is a belief in justice or fairness, which she did have.

Initially thinking I was in for the long haul on this, I muscle tested if this belief was the core and it wasn’t. And then it came to me from the Source of all.

And I tested it and it was the Core Belief. And tested where it came from as it wasn’t from her upbringing. It was a DNA belief passed from her father.

And when she heard it she was incredulous and the tears flowed and the whole thing made absolutely perfect sense. The Core Belief was ‘I am special,’ and being so made it impossible to accept any notion that she should be mistreated in any way.

As she started to process this she knew that this was it, the reason for her general unhappiness and that the procrastination was her passive aggressive resistance to cooperating with life. Muscle testing revealed it would take three days to completely process.

Her father was a narcissist and the Core Belief for them often is ‘I am special.’ He had passed it onto her and she admitted that at times she had felt that but dismissed it as being silly. But it had run her life for a very long time without even knowing about it.

That is the power of Core Beliefs. They are our own personal computer programs. Going straight for the core can cut through years of work and make working year after year on behaviour patterns and peeling back onion layers superfluous.

I have no doubt this will completely change her life. It’s all about digging that little more deeply and getting confirmation from the internal wisdom of the body which is connected to the field of Infinite Intelligence. I feel deeply humbled and very blessed to have been given the knowledge to facilitate this work which would not have come about without my own very challenging life. If your life isn’t working and you’ve had enough, book a 15 Minute Discovery Session to see if I can help you and connect with me here in this Facebook group, Rewire Your Brain for Results. 

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