Do You Need to Get in Touch with Your Masculine Side?

Time to Hustle (2)Are you a woman who needs to get in touch with your masculine side?

Have you worked tirelessly in your business hoping for an endless stream of referrals that has never come?

Are you not seeing the results you want despite the work you’ve done?

Let’s see.  Chances are you’re a really nice person.  Everyone loves you.  You’re kind, compassionate and heart based. I bet you even put everyone before yourself.  And of course that’s part of the problem.

But not enough people are buying from you and some days you just feel like giving up.

You probably like the idea of coming from the heart, hate to think of yourself as pushy, wouldn’t dream of asking for the sale and you really get the Law of Attraction and positive thinking.  And there is a part of you that is secretly hoping that if you stay focused and positive enough, show gratitude and give really good service that one day it will all turn around.

I hate to be the one to burst that golden bubble you are floating around in, but that’s not going to happen. Why?

Because the irrefutable laws of the Universe despite what you’ve been told don’t work like that.

Seriously, how long have you been struggling now?

You’ve got to hustle.  You have to get your masculine on.  You’ve got to stop being so passive in your business.  You have too much feminine energy going on and not enough masculine to balance it out and get the traction you need to shake things up a little and get some sales happening in your business.

I know some of you probably don’t want to hear this and it’s not very fashionable to be telling women to get their masculine on when the rest of the world is talking about the Sacred Feminine rising.  But it’s the truth.  Too many heart based entrepreneurs are too nice to hustle, self promote and get out of their own way so they actually do the work they need to do to help more people.

So, let’s get real.  Do you want to stay in business and THRIVE, not just survive?  Are you willing to change your perspective around this?

If you do, then here’s exactly what you need to do to get your masculine on and to stay in business.

  1. Move from passive to active role.  Don’t just sit there wishing and hoping. And meditating and praying for a miracle.  Get active in your mind first.  That changes your vibration. Get deliberate about your Intention and strategic about it.  Are you a victim of circumstance or a co-creator of your life?  You’re a creator.  So get creating.  Take action. It’s the difference between thinking positive and FEELING positive.


  1. Hustle, hustle, hustle. Here is how to hustle.  Ask.  It’s that simple.  Join my Facebook group and and learn how to get your mind to work for you instead of against you.


  1. Search for opportunities. There are 7 billion people on the planet and you haven’t got enough clients or business? Think outside the square.  Google marketing on a shoestring.  Send press releases.  Write articles. Donate prizes. There are so many ways to advertise your business that aren’t tacky.  And what’s tacky anyway?  It’s just a stupid word designed to keep you playing small. Get active.  That’s what men do.  Women wait. Men act. Get your masculine on. Your business needs it.


  1. Actively and shamelessly promote. Right now you are the world’s best kept secret. You are really good at what you do.  Right?  And you change lives. Right? Well, the world need to know about that. Ask for testimonials, referrals, and post them on Facebook.  Tell us stories of those you have helped. Shake it up a little.  Tell us what you’re offering.  And daily, not once a month.  Join groups.  Post in them.  They are gold.  Make new friends.  Offer your services to those in your target market.  Offer your services to those who have a problem you solve.


  1. Do something different. Offer something different. Change your routine. Be a giver of information in your industry. Educate yourself.  What makes you special?  What’s  your unique point of difference?  Tell us.


  1. Work on you mindset. Start with your self image. It needs an upgrade.  Right?  Well do it.  Don’t just think about it.  Stop telling yourself BS stories.  You know the ones. Stop it. Start seeing yourself as successful.  Stop dwelling on what’s not working and focus on what it. Yes, and be grateful, but determined.  Start thinking of yourself as an expert, or at least as someone who has something to offer.  Men don’t have much of a problem with that do they?  Mindset work needs to be done every day for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.  Stop being so passive about it. Build it into your routine.  You’ll have time when you stop putting everyone else first.


  1. Rewire your brain to perform as a successful entrepreneur. The ability to rewire the brain is the single most exciting concept to have been developed in the last couple of decades. This knowledge can change your life.

And if you need some help with getting more active in your business, then contact me.

There are mindset magic ways to fast track your results.


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