Rewire Your Brain

Are you someone who is ready to have their mind blown by the limitless possibilities that Mind Power offers us? 

Or maybe you are someone who wants better results in your life but no matter what you do it seems elusive? You’ve read all the books, been to the personal development courses, know the power of mindset and how the Law of Attraction works, but still something is missing?

No matter which one of those categories you fall into, you are in the right place. I was in exactly that place before I figured it out. It wasn’t until I read ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ by Joe Dispenza that I really got it, the missing piece. That’s when I created a one on one coaching program that solves that problem.

It’s pretty well accepted today thinking creates our results. And that if we change our thinking, we will change our results.  And that sounds like good news for those who want better results. But is it?  The trouble is that changing our habitual thinking or the way we perceive ourselves or life isn’t an easy task.  Human beings are actually wired for habitual thinking and to resist change.

But here’s the good news.  Scientists are now telling us that we can rewire our brains.  The brain isn’t a fixed entity as it was originally thought. Now that is really good news for those who want to create improved performance or better results in their life.

There are many ways to retrain your mind, but none come close to techniques that use Energy Psychology to change thinking. These techniques get right to the heart of the matter, change thinking and beliefs at the core and enable new productive ways of thinking that ensure success to become automatic quite quickly.  And coupling these with repetition is the key to ultimate success.

My Thought Zapper rewires the brain for better results and improved performance. It is one of the tools used in my  3 month Coaching Package and this is what you will learn.

  • Learn how to harness the power of INTENTION, the first crucial step in creating your desires.

    “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Identify and change the One Big Thing which limits you.  We all have one big block that prevents us from achieving what we want.  Learn what yours is and outgrow it.
  • Break habitual thinking that leads to unsuccessful outcomes.  We need to break the habit of being ourselves and when we do we set up the conditions for success.  It’s only your old programming that’s creating more of the same over and over.  Let’s change that.
  • Develop ways of thinking that guarantee results.  It’s time to develop new ways of thinking and feeling and actually rewire them into our minds through repetition.
  • Eliminate all Mind Lies that keep you stuck, playing small and afraid to shine your light.  Mind lies are only old stories you picked up about yourself along the way. None of them are true, and all can be changed.
  • Break self sabotage behaviour that limits results.  Sabotage is the result of running conflicting programs in your subconscious mind and are held in placed with ‘secondary gain,’ and by discovering yours and letting go of it, sabotage ceases.
  • Why resisting (being unhappy with) your current circumstances is the worst thing you can do.  This resistance is creating your present results and keeping you stuck by giving you more of the same. If you are ready to move beyond resistance I can show you how
  • Generate behaviours that create success.  BEcome internally who you need to be in order to DO what needs to be done so that you can HAVE want you want.
  • Install the ‘essence‘ of your desires and the emotional states required to create and sustain them. This is absolutely crucial and the key to getting better results faster and easier.
  • Know you are the Creator of your life, and therefore not at the mercy of any circumstances and how to make that work for you.   This is the difference between the passive and active approach to creating.  One works, one doesn’t.
  • Directly communicate with your subconscious mind to make real lasting change.  Real lasting change only occurs at the subconscious level.
  • Tap into superconscious mind, the limitless intelligence of the universe, the source of all solutions, creations and life itself.  Get out of your own way and trust this intelligence  to deliver to you.
  • Know your Point of Power, crucial to staying focused, on track and aligned.
  • Why ‘faking it till you make it’ is not really faking it.  But you’ll have to work with me to find out why.
  • Understand the power of  your own own life force, the force that creates every experience you have. Make sure yours is in alignment with what you want.
  • Learn to use language that fosters success rather than impeding it.  Words create and right now, the speed of manifesting is increasing so it’s crucial to speak only words of success.
  • Know the crucial difference between feelings and emotions, so that you can stop living through the negative emotional body.  If the emotional body is negative it pulls us down, lowers our vibration and creates then opposite of what we want.
  • Stay balanced emotionally despite external circumstances. Mastering our emotions is crucial to the process of creating what we want.
  • Know the Truth of who you are so self doubt and fear can fall away.  Imagine that.
  • Learn the skill of Imagineering to see, feel, hear and live your goals.  Mental rehearsal of your goals allows your subconscious mind to not only know what you want, it starts the process of creation for you.
  • Learn how to use Brain Entrainment to create even more success for you.  Brain waves change your state and your vibration and bring you into alignment with your desires.
  • Make the Peak Performance Zone a daily ritual in your life

As you master these aspects of mind power, and you put in a minimal daily effort, your performance will improve.  Of course if you want to radically excellerate your results, then the greater the effort the greater the gain.

When our conscious mind is attuned to successful creating and our subconscious mind is in total alignment, real magic happens.  Lack of agreement between our two minds is the only thing preventing the successful realisation of our goals.  This coaching addresses that gap and if followed daily, success flows naturally.

You would be wise to ask what results I’ve had with such methods.  I’m not a multimillionaire living the dream lifestyle (yet) but where I have come from to where I am now and what I’m planning is testimony to these techniques and this style of coaching.

A 3 month coaching package consists of 12 laser targeted one on one sessions where you’ll learn all this stuff and more.  ****This coaching is only for those willing to make mastering their Mind Power and ultimately their life a priority. It does require daily practice to rewire the brain, but know that as you master this, your results are only limited by your imagination.****

If that sounds like something that would skyrocket your success, then schedule a 15 min Discovery Session during which I’ll see if I can help you and if we are a fit.  These are exciting times we live in and Mind Power and rewiring our brains makes everything we desire possible. So, don’t hesitate.  Book your first 15 mins.  It could just change your life.



Three month one one one coaching package, 12 sessions, monthly payments

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