Stuck on That Same Old Income Level?

Income RutMost personal development programs I have attended (which have cost me multiple thousands of dollars with little result) have encouraged the participants to reach for huge amounts of money when coming up with financial goals. The number of times I’ve been told to ask for a million dollars a year and other such nonsense is astounding.

If you are already earning half a million dollars a year, upping the limit to a million might not be such a stretch, but many of those in these programs struggle to earn $40,000 a year from a business and others haven’t yet earned anything.

And of course initially, we all do it because they are the gurus and they look and sound like they know what they are talking about.

Less than 10% of those who attend workshops actually put into practice what they have learned  and the reason for that is simple.  Our minds simply do not accept such a jump in earnings and once reality sets in, our confidence and self belief slumps and a million dollars a year seems, and is, a ludicrous amount right now (and possibly ever).  So we procrastinate and after a while look for the next guru.

I suggest to my clients to raise the level of the financial upper limit slowly over time so the mind has time to adjust at every new level.

This week a client who is currently earning no money in her business wanted to target $1500 a a week but muscle testing (a diagnostic tool used to check for internal accuracy) revealed that her mind wouldn’t accept that.  But it would accept $1000 a week so we made that her next goal.  And once she reaches that level and gives her mind time to set it in place she will be able to raise it again and continue doing it over time.

I’ve had many cases where we tested the financial upper limit at the beginning of a session, cleared some outdated beliefs and the level raised itself without even having to work on it.  That is the power of limiting beliefs to block us.

Setting a financial goal that is too high for us to believe in right now might do more harm than good.  Every time we set a goal that we don’t reach we are risking weakening our self belief. And that’s the last thing we want.

Set reasonable financial goals and raise them gradually. That way your mind doesn’t resist and it has no need to sabotage you.

But how do we actually reach a target income or increase it?

We do it in our minds first.

As  always, set a strong Intention.  A reasonable one.

Our mind will only let us earn what it believes we are capable of or deserve to have.

So we need to convince the mind to allow us to increase that amount.

Make that financial goal a 30 Day Project.

Work on it every single day. For a minimum of 30 mins.  That could be a block of time, split into two or into 10 mins each.  And if you can spend more time, do so.

There is no set way to do this.  Whatever works for you.  EFT or Tapping is a tool to empty the bucket of old programming that keeps us stuck in Groundhog situations.   Tapping can also install the new amount in the mind and have it accepted without resistance more easily.  Visualisation enables clients to ‘see’ it and they are also encouraged to use visual reminders on the phone, computer, mirror, wallet or wherever suits their lifestyle.

I’m always working on a few 30 Day Projects at once but when you first begin, take on only one as you want it to be a raging success so you can continue this practice for the rest of your life.

To really help rewire my mind, I use specific brain entrainment with headphones (free on YouTube).  These require no special time, as they can be listened to without concentration or stillness when cooking, working on the computer or just about any other time.

If you would like to know more about these or any other techniques to use the power of your mind to shift your income up or to release you from old programming, join us in this  Facebook group. If you have already decided that enough is enough and that Groundhog days are over, let’s schedule a Discovery Session to see if we are fit for you to learn how to create a #lifebydesign.


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