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Am I Enough

I Know I’m Good Enough so Why Don’t I Feel Like It?

Am I enough? How many times have you felt like you weren’t good enough even when you know it’s not entirely true? The question “Am I enough?” is real and part of the human condition. And don’t for a minute think that this feeling only affects those at the bottom of the food chain, or those […]

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I am Enough

I Am Enough

Thirty years ago a very wise woman told me I needed to read a book. I had dragged myself into her massage studio, because I was so tired I wanted to die. At the time I was unaware the I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and as as the ultimate perfectionist and slave driver, […]

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Why It's Hard to Shake the Not Good Enough Syndrome

Why It’s Hard to Shake the Not Good Enough Syndrome

The first time I remember feeling ‘not good enough’ was my first day of school.  I was filled with terrible anxiety about looking stupid, not knowing the answers and being so much smaller and younger looking than everyone else.  That feeling persisted for me for most of my adult life and I always thought it […]

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