The Absolute Power of Belief

Power of BeliefHow do you sell a house with a home made sign from a computer and $22?

That’s exactly what happened when I sold my house some years ago.

I decided to sell my own house minus the real estate agent. I spent $19 on an advertisement for an Open House advertisement in the classified section of the daily newspaper and purchased a $3 contract from the newsagent. On the day of the open house, I made a House for Sale sign from my computer and I placed it on my front fence. About an hour later, my neighbour called me over and said, ‘Madonna, you can’t sell a house with a piece of paper from your computer.’ To which I replied, ‘Watch me Ted.’

The look on his face confirmed what he already suspected about me and that I was different from most people he had met before.

The Open House was scheduled for 1pm. The time came and went and no one showed up at my open house. I remained undeterred and affirmed that this house would sell today. I had the absolute power of belief.

At 3.20pm there was a knock on the door. A young couple were standing there and they told me they were driving by and that they had been looking for a house to buy, but that they hadn’t seen any they liked and would I mind showing them through. They had seen my House for Sale sign.

Now you have to understand that I do not live on a main road. In fact mostly only locals drive my street. This couple had never been in this street before.

I told them every negative the house possessed. The train line was across the road. They wanted to be close to public transport. The kitchen was small. They were from London and used to that. There were only 2 existing bedrooms as the third had been made into a family room. They only had one child. There was a bat colony in back yard. They loved bats. I pointed out the tandem driveway. They only had one car.

The couple went away to have coffee and discuss it. Forty minutes later, they came back.

They had previously asked the price. The price I wanted was not negotiable, so I said, “Offers over…..” They offered me $3000 more than my reserve price.

I went to my drawer and pulled out the $3 contract I had purchased from the newsagent. We signed the contract. House sold.

This time I called my neighbour Ted over and told him I had just sold my house. He was completely perplexed by this and scratched his head. Now, he thinks I’m a witch or conjurer of some sort. Doesn’t matter, I thought. I’ll be moving soon.

So, how do you sell a house with an A4 sign and $22? Well, I don’t know for sure, but I do know that I used a similar technique to purchase the house when it was well out of my price range.

In both cases I used a visualising technique I learned from reading books. I used this same technique to build a 6 figure business in less than a year which everyone told me was impossible. This business only occupied a few hours of my time every week, had no overheads, no stock, no staff, no premises and it wasn’t network marketing and it didn’t involve selling. It was a service based business and I started it from scratch with a few dollars and a truck load of belief.  In fact, I had consistently maintained  absolute belief around that as well.

Mindset is everything in business and in life. If we apply the power of our minds to the service of our goals, and we become perfectly aligned with those goals, success is assured. It is not an easy task for some. Becoming aligned inside and out is the tricky part. Our shaky self image can get in the way. Our beliefs about what’s possible for us can stop us in our tracks. Our old money stories can sabotage us and our fears can take hold and throw obstacles in our course that we couldn’t possibly dream up.

As a Mindset Coach, I teach my clients how to reach their goals much more quickly than they could ever do it by themselves, because it is not easy to do it alone. There are too many barriers that can get in the way. Working with Energy Psychology and other metaphysical techniques speeds up the process considerably and cuts through barriers like a knife through butter.

If you’d like to have a chat with me about speeding up the process of reaching your goals or bringing a dream to life, by  developing that level of unshakable belief then I offer a free strategy session to see if that is possible. Not everyone ends up working with me, but those who don’t end up with a plan and a number of ideas to do it for themselves. So really, you have nothing to lose. I’m very easy to talk to and have no attachment to whether you work with me or not, because we will only work together if we are great fit for each other. That is the Law of Alignment.

So, let’s get your your 30 minute Discovery Session booked in and your life headed in the right direction.

The power to move the world is in your subconscious mind.”  William James

2 Responses to The Absolute Power of Belief

  1. Kylie
    November 5, 2014 at 6:34 am #

    Madonna as someone who is about to sell their house I was hooked from the headline! What you say is so so spot on. Everything I’ve ever succeeded at I knew I would succeed, not because it’s easy but because I was determined and just KNEW. Same with everything I’ve ever failed at (apart from a few things where I busted my ass but the universe didn’t want it to happen for me yet!) I have self sabotaged in the past, thinking “This is too good for me.” People need your assistance. Sharing. x

    • Madonna November 6, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

      Hi Kylie, So are you going to sell your house yourself? The deep knowing is the key but sometimes getting into that place isn’t easy. But that’s what I teach people now.


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