The Three M’s of Business

Three M's of BusinessIn an entrepreneurial business, we need the 3 M’s; mindset, message and marketing. If any of one of these isn’t right, our business will fail.

But we all look through the filter of our own lens and we see the world accordingly. Not everything is caused by mindset.

We have been so brain washed into believing that if something isn’t working it must be because of the way we think or it must be a block of some kind.

That is not always true.

So many entrepreneurs and in particular coaches and alternative practitioners get trained in a modality or technique and open up shop and think that ability in their field and positive thinking will create a successful business.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Read The E Myth by Michael E Gerber. Being the best hairdresser or plumber on the planet does not guarantee a successful business.

An entirely different set of skills is required to create a successful business.

If your message and marketing is not spot on, being a great coach is not going to help much. And neither will the Law of Attraction.

As a Mindset Coach, I’m often asked to find blocks for people who aren’t getting the results they think they should have by now. When I check their website, I often find it to be so generic and bland that I can see why they are not having much success.

There are hundreds of thousands of coaches worldwide and more qualify each day. Why would anyone choose someone who does not speak directly to their problem?

We need to become specialists. We need to solve a particular problem for a specific group so that a prospect can identify themselves in our marketing.

Next I look at their Facebook profile and page and I often find only unoriginal material, trite sayings regurgitated from someone else. Why would I choose to be coached by that person when I can choose a thought leader?

Besides message and marketing there is a spiritual law which states, ‘There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping and you can’t do both in the same season.’

What that means is that life is a process. Everything has a gestation period. It takes 3 to 5 years to build a successful business. Unfortunately those who choose to believe what they have been told about the LOA by those whose sole intention is to sell books and programs expect immediate results.

We need to also ask ourselves if our message is reaching enough people. I’ve seen newbie entrepreneurs who have a few hundred Facebook friends, post in no groups, and expect to be making a fortune by next week. And they’ve only been at it for two months. Get basic business training if you want to be successful and cut down the time it takes or hire a coach or a mentor.

And we have to ask for the sale if we want more clients, either in our posts or on the phone. How many coaches or alternative practitioners are terrified of sales and self promotion? That’s often the real mindset block, not what happened in childhood.

But the LOA is never wrong. It brings you exactly what you are in resonance with and if you are not in business resonance with a crystal clear message aimed at a particular problem or group then how can you attract enough clients or money?

Our mindsets around the LOA have to change if we want to create more success. Our mindsets around business have to change if we want to serve more people. And we must endeavour to look at life through fresh eyes wherever possible. We must be coachable ourselves and have an open mind, free of the easily dished up formulas we have fallen for so easily in the past.

Mindset is everything but it is not always what it seems.  If you’d like to learn more about mindset, manifesting, the neuroscience of change, blocks to success or rewiring the brain, join me in my Facebook Group, where we talk about all these things.

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