Unmistakeable Signs that Your Mindset is Limiting Your Business Success

Mindset Limiting SuccessAre you blocking your success with a limiting mindset?

Check out how many of these apply to you.

  • You are working really hard but getting limited or no results
  • You get lots of interest, but not many paying clients
  • Prospects pull out at the last minute
  • Prospects love what you do until they hear the price
  • You have a low conversion rate with strategy sessions
  • Your energy drops when it comes to asking for the sale
  • You know you probably need some help but you’re too afraid to be vulnerable
  • You are not doing the very things that you know could make you successful
  • You let opportunities pass you by
  • You fear rejection so you don’t ask for joint ventures or speaking engagements
  • You don’t offer your goods or services when you could
  • You hide behind your computer instead of promoting your business face to face
  • You rarely follow up
  • You stop doing your meditation or visualisation even though you know it works
  • Procrastination has become your second name
  • There are always things which seem more important and take priority over working on your business
  • You go to seminars and workshops but fail to implement what you learn
  • You are constantly busy but not productive
  • You waste time
  • You often feel not good enough
  • You criticise yourself when you make mistakes
  • You compare yourself or your work to others and come off second best
  • You worry about competing
  • You copy others instead of being brave enough to stand out and be different
  • You often think that you are an Imposter

These are all indications that your mindset is limiting your business success. But don’t despair. Mindsets can be changed with Simple Energy Tools that change perception fast, get to the root cause of blockages and rewire your brain for success. If you are tired of being the world’s best kept secret, and you are ready and willing to make this year your most successful year yet, then you know what to what to do.

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