What do you do differently to others?

How will you stand out?

How will you stand out?

A Unique Selling Proposition allows you to stand out from the crowd and to develop a confidence in what you offer your clients. It stops the thief of comparison from stealing your thunder and it ‘speaks’ to your potential clients and to your tribe.

This is how I explain mine.

Some time ago, I had a friend called Penny who called herself a professional organiser. She had a website, a sign on her car, business cards and a handful of clients past and present. And she was really good at it. What she did in two of my rooms was nothing short of magic. But she struggled to get enough clients and now she is working in a job again as a bookkeeper.

The website is now gone, the sign taken off the car and a lot of talent wasted making someone else rich.

Just from our conversations I could ‘see’ what the problem was. Penny ‘saw’ herself inside as a working class girl, not as an entrepreneur. Always told not to brag, not to forget her place, internally she was the freckled face kid with the red hair.

Organising came naturally to her and because it did, she felt that it was easy and that because everyone could do it, she shouldn’t charge much.

Because of that her Upper Limit was set low and being working class cemented that level because all her family had been workers and not self employed.

She also had two beliefs that were limiting her and they were ‘Women are too embarrassed to ask for help in this area,’ and ‘No one has any money to pay for this.’

Much as she was a positive thinker these beliefs were deeply entrenched and consequently, money poor clients kept turning up as these beliefs became her reality. That is the nature of the Law of Attraction. Our beliefs create our experiences, not our thoughts.

This is what I would do now for Penny if she had worked with me. And this is my USP, what makes me different from anyone else.  I look at the bigger picture, the background and not simply at what is presenting. And I go deeper and see the ‘connections’ and dig out all the stories/beliefs that are creating the circumstances.

When I first started this work many years ago, I would have worked on a lack of self belief, or perhaps confidence or maybe changing the perception around being able to get more clients and we would have got a result.

But it wouldn’t be deep enough and without pulling the Core Beliefs, the patterns keep reasserting themselves. If we carry limiting Core Beliefs we will either sabotage ourselves or the results we get will be a reflection of this.

Penny would learn muscle testing to find out what she really believes at her core because no amount of positive thinking or hard work will override negative Core Beliefs. We would undoubtedly find ‘I’m not enough’ and this most likely would include not being educated enough. We would probably find ‘I’m unworthy’ to earn x amount of dollars an hour or a month and probably because of another belief like, ‘You have to work really hard to make money.’

Penny would learn the most effective way to Tap and how long it takes to change the neural pathways in her brain that keep her stuck. The more minor beliefs that were mentioned earlier would be changed and she would know how to use the Theta brainwave to make any changes that were necessary that were not covered in our short time together.

If she had worked with me, we would have emptied a lot of her sh#t bucket and started rewiring her brain for success. If she had worked with me, there is a good chance that Penny would not be working as a bookkeeper for someone else but would be getting paid what she is worth and feeling like she is living her purpose and not settling for less than she is capable of. And that is after a few sessions.

If she had worked with me for an extended period, there would be no doubt in my mind that Penny would be a successful professional organiser by now.

My Unique Selling Proposition is that I combine coaching, clearing and teaching to get the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time. Nothing about my work is cookie cutter because people aren’t. What I do differently is focus on changing beliefs not thoughts and not even behaviour in the short term. And I work with energy instead of the conscious mind, which makes for rapid change with low resistance.

I work with those who’ve tried so many modalities and programs and yet still aren’t getting the results they want. My work isn’t about individual issues but about changing the core, which is where the greatest blocks reside.

I would have encouraged her to make mindset work a daily activity for the rest of her life and to include meditation as well. And she would know that the work we do together is only the beginning and that she needs to use the tools she has learned to continue uplevelling.

We are all unique and we all have a unique purpose and way of working and if we can identify that, we stand out and appeal to our tribe, those who recognise themselves in what we offer. If you aren’t sure of your USP, spend some time on it and see what a difference it makes.

If you need help working through any issues similar to Penny’s or any other known block to your success or happiness, let’s connect here or if you don’t want her story to be yours, and you know it is time to move on, let’s do it.

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