Stress Solutions that Work

If you are looking for stress solutions that work, then this site might hold your answer.

Most of the offerings related to stress are nothing more than stress management.  This site offers more than that. It provides a solution that works.

We are all affected by stress.  It is inescapable because humans are emotional beings.   Nobody wants to feel emotionally unbalanced, upset, worried or anxious.  Human beings want to escape those uncomfortable feelings, but mostly, we want the situation to change. 

Out of our control

In most cases though, the situation is out of our control.  If we are struggling to find work or having money problems, then there is often little we can do about it.  Sure, we could consult a money manager, and that might help, or we could try other avenues to find a suitable job.

If our partner is having an affair, we could leave the relationship, but that brings a whole load of different stress. Leaving a relationship under those circumstances doesn’t resolve complicated and deeply severe emotional reactions like anger, betrayal, jealousy or the desire for revenge.

If we hate our job, we can seek out a potentially better one, but once again, that can have new stresses to contend with.  If we hate our boss for whatever reason, chances are he or she is not going to change.  Quite often changing jobs for that reason can see us dealing with similar issues in a new position.

If you feel under pressure at work due to overload, you could ask for help or a reduction in workload.  Most of us are reluctant to do that as it can make us feel less than competent. Consequently, we continue to complain to family, friends or work colleagues. And the stress continues.

Stress options: a band-aid solution

Regardless of what we are stressed about, Google or YouTube appear to have the answers.  Until you try them. Having had a lot of stress in my life, I have tried everything I have read, watched or been given advice about from professionals and NONE of them worked for me.

If you are stressed about a relationship falling apart, then having a massage, going for a walk or listening to some relaxing music might calm you down temporarily.  But it won’t change the way you feel later that day, and it certainly won’t change the situation.

Relaxation techniques or practices are not an antidote for stress.  If you are searching for more than stress management what works is changing how you think and feel about the circumstances.

Changing our minds

Now I know much advice about dealing with stress does talk about changing thoughts and possibly beliefs.  Have you ever tried to change how you feel when your child is being bullied or when you don’t have enough money to pay the mortgage?

It’s virtually impossible because thoughts are cognitive, and feelings are emotional.  And it’s a rare person who can change their emotional state when they are in the thick of a stress crisis.

The answer

The stress solution that works is one that changes both thoughts and emotions, and it’s called the Thought Zapper. It’s my personal version of a well-established and scientifically verified technique that removes stress at the core,

Once we are able to accomplish this, not only do we feel better, which is great in itself, but it also gives us space to be more creative and possibly find some practical solutions that impact the current crisis.

Read more about the Thought Zapper or contact me to make a 60 minute appointment for a life-changing consultation.

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