How to Create a Successful Business with Mindset Magic

As promised, here is how I created a 6 figure business in an entirely different industry to coaching. More about coaching later. The business was singles events for the over 40’s, starting out with a Dance Party every Saturday night in Brisbane but eventually branching into a number of different activities for those who found the whole dancing thing stressful. There was no memberships, or booking, just $10 at the door.

Needless to say, all did not run smoothly and after 7 months the accountant told me to give it up because the chances of success looked slim. It was my baby, I had invested my money, time and love into this and besides I wasn’t about to go back into teaching any time soon. Or ever for that matter.

The story I was running sounded like this. This is not working. Only 40 people again tonight. This sucks. Why aren’t they coming? I’ve tried everything. Nothing ever works for me. Why would anyone come to anything I ran? The story was now creating the outcome I didn’t want.

But I had three choices, give up, keep hanging in there and creating more of the same reality or drastically and radically alter my thinking and beliefs about what was possible.

I choose the 3rd option and I gave it all I had. And I don’t mean more effort, I mean I developed a rock solid, take no prisoners, no exit strategy successful mindset. At that stage the weekly numbers sat at around 40 every week, not enough to generate atmosphere and certainly not enough to call it a real business.

I changed nothing except the story. I uncovered all the negative beliefs that were generating limiting thoughts which turned into expectations of low numbers. And I smashed them out of the water mostly with pure will. Back then I didn’t know tapping, muscle testing or any of the advanced techniques I use now. Mind you, that would have helped.

I developed the ‘vibration’ for success. And three weeks later, 180 singles turned up. Wow. The venue wasn’t big enough to hold them. I had to set the table to collect the money outside the entrance. And it didn’t stop there. The numbers steadily rose to 300 every week and the record was 550 people on one night. Multiply that by ten with very low overheads (I never paid for venues), add bush walks, speed dating, harbour cruises and dinners and you’ll start to get the picture of success I created. And it happened purely by changing the story.

I sold that business 4 years later. Well, all I really sold was the goodwill and the mailing list. And it lasted 4 or 5 months before it folded. The new owner did not have my mindset. Real mindset is an energy thing, it’s way more than thoughts, it’s how you FEEL, how you vibrate your intention out to the world. Get that right and the rest falls into place.

The difficulty for most of us comes from the fact that if we don’t clear and change the limiting stories or our core beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of, then they either start to leak through or we sabotage ourselves. Or we simply don’t get the results despite the hard work.

Now to this coaching business. It took me a while to get it right because I was telling myself all the same stories as you guys. I experienced every single negative and limiting story that was possible and being genetically prone to negativity only made it worse. I got stuck in a negative mindset loop that I had all my all my life and with many decades of experience to prove it true, for it to be my reality, it was easy to assume that I would never achieve success. It took me quite a while to break this loop because it was a biggie and very deeply entrenched. Both my parents were also stuck in the same one all their life. Luckily I had previous experience of changing my mindset to get different results so I persisted.

My formula to create a successful business is this.
1. Get really, really clear on what you’re offering and to whom and spell that out clearly. Make sure you are speaking to your perfect clients in their language. Solve their problems. No one wants coaching or reiki or more products. Everyone wants a result. Find your niche and drop the rest. This could even apply to network marketing. And own it. And when I say own it, I mean get vocal and proud.

2. Really have a close look at yourself. Does your self doubt stop you from taking action? Does your fear of being judged make you fearful so you hold back? Find all the BS stories that create these fears and drop them. Do whatever it takes to smash them. Those stories will ensure that you either don’t get results or that you sabotage yourself. That’s the Law of Resonance. You will attract whatever you believe about yourself and it could have little to do with the person you have become on the outside.

3. Look at your money story. Find and change all the stories you have been programmed to believe about money. Money is only energy. Change your energy around money and you can command more of it to come to you. This is always a work in progress for us all. And change your upper limit gradually. It’s nonsense to assume you can go from broke to a million a year quickly. Life is a process. Plants need a certain amount of time to grow and mature and so do we to accommodate more in our lives.

4. If you find you are really procrastinating badly, then chances are you need some inner child work. The inner child always holds the power and she or he calls the shots. If your inner child is angry, sad or afraid, then you had better pay attention and get that sorted. If you came from either an abusive or controlling family, your inner child could be trying to tell you something.

5. Get really, really determined. Decide on a no exit strategy. Every day, train your brain for success. Spend time on your mindset. We don’t go the gym once and expect to see muscles. It’s an ongoing process. Tap on disappointments, get resilient. Don’t focus on ‘reality,’ but on what you want to achieve.

6. And make up your own rules. Don’t believe in average. Don’t believe in what 99% of the population believes. As long as you follow Universal Law, which means that your energy, all of it including your thoughts, unconscious beliefs and your feelings are in complete vibration with your goals, then how can it not manifest?

Common thinking says you need a funnel and a list and that you have to work hard to become a 6 figure entrepreneur. What if they were just beliefs and you decided to make your own parameters for success? I don’t have a funnel or a list because that seems too hard for me, too complicated. I don’t want to outsource those tasks either. I want simple and easy and every day I work with that energy. I’m making my own rules. And it is working for me and as time goes on and that energy sets it will get easier still.

Everything is energy. We are spiritual beings and have all the power we need inside us to create the magical life we want. We only have to get out of our way and drop the crap we tell ourselves.

Change the story, change the outcome. It’s that simple. It’s Mindset Magic.

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