Change the Story, Change the Outcome 7 Day Challenge

Change the Story, Change the Outcome

There’s no doubt about it. The stories we tell ourselves produce the results we get.  It’s that simple really.  It really has little to do with WHAT you do, or the steps you take.  I’m sure you’ve seen successful people and wondered like I have I, ‘How the hell did they become successful doing that?’ Or even,’What have they got that I haven’t?’


Successful results are not determined by your education, the way you look, the amount of experience you have or anything else other that HOW and WHAT you tell yourself. It’s not determined by your website, your Facebook page or your LinkedIn profile, although these help.

Lack of success comes from believing that the stories we tell ourselves are real.  The truth is they are only stories. And many of us are stuck repeating dodgy, self limiting stories  which either make us feel so uncomfortable that we freeze, procrastinate and stall our business or our actions fail to get the results we want. Does that sound like you?

What stories have you been telling yourself?


Here are a couple of examples of how I changed my story and created a different outcome. The Mindset Shift that made me over $300,000 and How to Create a Successful Business with Mindset Magic.
The problem with being stuck in limiting stories is that we really don’t know how to change them effectively. We’ve been told to change our thoughts and many of us have tried this and if you are anything like me, you’ve repeated affirmations for years and sure, it helps for a while, but your thoughts are only the manifestation of your deeper stories.


So, here’s the 7 Day Change the Story, Change the Outcome Challenge

1. Choose a story that you know is limiting you. It could be something like “I don’t have enough clients,’ or ‘Why would anyone join my program/business?’  Start off with a small story and it doesn’t have to be business related. Your story could be ‘I don’t have anything important to contribute on Facebook so I don’t participate.’ This is practice for building you mindset muscles.

2. What would a better story sound like? When you have chosen a better story, decide to make it real.  Give it energy, give it power, use emotional intensity to make it FEEL real.

3. Then decide to make that your new story. Use that story often, but particularly  every single time you hear the old story pop into your head.

The old stories  are statements that you might have repeated so often that you believe them, but they are only stories.  They can be changed with a little practice.  So, get determined.

4. Here’s the clincher.  You must become SO convinced that the new story is real and repeat it for long enough to change the outcome. You do this with EMOTION, energy, excitement, by seeing the changed outcome in your mind’s eye.

5. Once you’ve successfully changed a story and the outcome, choose another story and rinse and repeat.  You are successfully rewiring your brain for success.  Congratulations.

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