7 Easy Ways to Stress Less at Work with EFT

Stress Less at Work
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Would you like to stress less at work?

Workplace stress is a troubling issue for both employees and employers and yet little seems to be done about it in the workplace. If there are no programs currently running at your workplace, there are ways you can stress less at work that don’t involve the usual band aid methods that are commonly prescribed.

“All stress is caused by perception, not the actual circumstance or issue.”

We can retrain the mind to process ‘stress’ differently until stress-free becomes the default mind program. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique makes that process relatively easy.

EFT or Tapping as it is often called is a technique not unlike acupuncture without needles. It is easy to learn and apply and its effectiveness is around 90% in changing not only perception, but how we feel about any stress, negative emotion or unfavourable circumstance.

1. Less Relationship Stress

Relationships at work are breeding grounds for conflict and misunderstanding and it’s very easy to take up a position of antagonism towards another. We can decide that they are unlikeable, too loud, too lazy, too aggressive or annoying and sometimes these are simply personal preferences.

Whenever we become stuck on fixed mindset towards a colleague, it’s difficult to see the positive attributes they have or to willingly cooperate with them in any meaningful way. Whenever I’m teaching EFT to new trainees the demonstration I use is to get them to focus on a person they don’t like at all or have an issue with and rate it out of ten.

Inevitably, within minutes of applying the Tapping technique, they have softened their perspective and changed their mind and the initial rating has dropped. And that process can continue until the issue becomes a non issue in which case relationships at work can cease to cause the stress they once did and harmony can take its place.

2. Dealing with difficult people

Nobody likes dealing with difficult people.  They put us on edge because they are either hostile or unreasonable and we feel uncertain around them as their moods and behaviour can be so unpredictable.

While it’s not fair to say we can change their behaviour in all cases I have seen many instances in which the difficult person has mellowed and become easier to deal with after we apply the Tapping process to how we feel.  Regardless of whether this becomes an outcome or not,  our anxiety or fear can certainly be laid to rest and instead of becoming upset we can learn to be light hearted around them, even joking with them about their bad mood.

4. Stress less about workload

Workload is a common cause of frustration and stress in the workplace.  Sometimes it’s because we are annoyed at the unfairness and the unreasonable expectations of managers.  Other times we simply feel overwhelmed and wonder how we’ll cope or get the work done.  Yet the more we stress about workload the harder it seems to get and the more frustrated we feel.

Tapping is a far superior tool for any type stress because it cuts to the core of the stress.  Unlike other forms of stress relief like massage, mindfulness, taking breaks, taking to a colleague or therapist, EFT discovers the ‘story’ that creates the stress in the first place, especially around workload.

When our workload seems above our capability we can feel inadequate or incompetent and our inner critic takes over and tells us that we should be able to do this.  We also hate being judged by colleagues or bosses as not being able to manage our time effectively.

When we can feel relaxed, calm and confident in the face of mounting workload, as is possible with the application of EFT we are able to silence the inner critic and stress less at work because we know we are doing the best we can and that’s good enough.

4. Less frustration equals less stress

Many things cause frustration in the workplace besides workload.  Unfairness, office politics, poor managerial decisions, confusion over our job description and lack of appreciation can put us into a tailspin until that’s all we can think about.

EFT can change the way we perceive those things sometimes within minutes. Stressing less at work then becomes possible as our minds are no longer caught up in aspects of our workplace that we really can’t change.

5. Dealing with change

Very few of us like change and there’s a very good reason for that.  Our brains are hardwired to resist change that put us out of our comfort zone but the regular application of Tapping can change the neural pathways in the brain and allow us to process change much more easily.

6. Lack of sleep

Sleep is a problem that affects not only our physical well being but our ability to work effectively. Lack of sleep has many causes and obviously it differs from person to person. There are many solutions offered to make us sleep better and I would recommend that you try some of them.

But if all else fails I find EFT to be highly effective for sleep deprivation.  The process calms the nervous system, takes the emotional charge off things we might be worrying about (including worrying about not sleeping) and it enable us to rewire our brains to become accustomed to regular and restful sleep.  Our brains can be wired not to sleep as it has become a habit and we can reset this with daily Tapping, especially before bed.

7. Lack of remuneration

All of us like to be rewarded, validated and appreciated for the work we do and when this fails to happen, we can feel resentment and a deep sense of unfairness.  These feelings can be very stressful and impinge our ability to be fully productive.

But, almost like a magic wand some Tapping can take care of this for us.  EFT helps us become more emotionally intelligent by realising and accepting that life is not always fair and if we spend our time focused on that, we rob ourselves of the enjoyment that life and our jobs have to offer us NOW.

Regardless of what stresses us at work or at home, EFT has the ability to change how we feel about circumstances that we don’t like by changing our perception almost automatically.  It is a wonderfully versatile tool to stress less at work.

If you’d like to have a private session or if you want to arrange group training for stress management or if you’d like to ask any questions, then feel free to contact me

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