(dup) What Makes Me Different

  • My Story  is a personal development journey that spans over 30 years.  

My life didn’t get off to a very good start.  I was born screaming and didn’t stop until I was four years old.  My mother took me to a psychiatrist when I was 20 months old, which was quite unusual, considering it was the 1950’s.  The shrink told my mother there was nothing wrong with me but a lot wrong with my father.  Smart man that psychologist.  Read more…..


  • My personal experience 

My  own personal experience not only allows me the  empathy for and understanding of your situation but it  guides my intuition as to the ‘right’ questions that will assist your personal growth.


  • My Techniques.

I’m a Mindset Coach who won’t ask you to change your mind about anything.  You won’t need to convince yourself to change.  You won’t be asked to reframe situations or circumstances. In fact, when you work with me, we bypass the conscious mind completely.  The conscious mind is part of the problem. Instead you will learn how to use your own energy system to access the unconscious mind, which is where real change needs to take place.  Your mind will change automatically with little or no resistance. And for deeply entrenched stuff, I pull out the really big guns. This technique is totally TRANSFORMATIONAL and can facilitate instant belief changes and allow you to download the feelings you need to create the right vibrational match to your goals.


  • Self Empowerment

The way I work encourages you to become your own guru.  It is my intention to teach you how to continue to grow personally and professionally.



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