Victim ConsciousnessAre you being bullied or intimidated at school or at work?

How does that make you feel?





Are you scared?

Have you started to feel anxious?


Do you feel lonely, isolated or have you become more withdrawn?

Do you feel like you are failure or that it’s all your fault?

Have you been trying to figure out what you’ve done to deserve this treatment?

Do you feel that there is no way out, that nothing can be done?

I can assure you there is a way out. 

Are you are really sick and tired of being bullied or intimidated?

Are you ready to take back your power?

Are you ready to open your mind and try a completely new approach to the problem?

One that works?

I teach you a powerful new process that helps you let go of all the bad feelings so that you can feel great faster than you ever thought possible.  You get to feel normal and happy again. 

Becoming BullyProof means you stop feeling afraid and intimidated and you stop being a target for bullies.

If you are 100% ready to become BullyProof, read on.

You can Become BullyProof in 4 simple steps

STEP One is Understand the Dynamics of Bullying

  • Learn the dynamics of bullying and what causes it to happen.
  • You discover how you have been giving your power to the bully and how to STOP it.
  • Question the truth of ‘victim’  and realise you are never powerless.

STEP Two is Emotional First Aid

  • You learn the powerful process that I call my Thought Zapper.    This process removes the negative feelings almost like magic and so quickly, you might be left  wondering how you could ever feel so intimidated.
  • This energetic process you are taught can completely remove the negative feelings including being afraid of the bully, feeling angry or powerless.  In fact, all negative feelings can be dissipated quite quickly with this powerful process.
  • All the negative emotions associated with being bullied are neutralised, including blaming yourself for what has happened.

STEP Three is Identify the Story 

  • All feelings are caused by a story we make up about what’s happening to us. We change the story which changes the external circumstances in your life which can stop you being a target.

STEP Four is  Increase Personal Power

  • You learn how to change the internal picture you have of yourself.
  • Learn how to diffuse any conflict and disarm a bully with a powerful tool called fogging.
  • Eliminate the belief that you are a victim and stop giving away your power.
  • You start feeling safe and happy and in control again.
  • You develop a strong sense of  confidence and personal power that repels bullies. You learn how to respond instead of react by knowing your Point of Power.
  • You stop being a target for bullies.

How does it work?

4 x 50 min phone  sessions are required, each step being covered in one session, although they do overlap.

Why is this approach so effective?

Become BullyProof is such an effective program because it uses your energy system to make the changes.  Applying this simple technique can change the way you think and feel in a matter of minutes, so the results are quick and easy.

Bullies only target those who fear confrontation and who feel powerless around them. Once the perpetrator realizes he or she no longer gets a reaction from you, they move on.  They leave you alone.

Imagine not having to feel that fear and anxiety any more and feel in control again.  Imagine being able to get on with your life without intimidation.  Imagine taking back your power and feeling confident and happy again.

This is  what Becoming BullyProof can do for you if you follow the system.

      • you are no longer a target for bullies
      • you stop giving away your power to others
      • you take back your power
      • you move beyond the anger and the fear
      • you let go of the story
      • you take the negative charge off past memories of bullying so they no longer hold you captive
      • you learn  how to stop taking everything personally
      • you are not bothered by the  behaviour of others
      • you learn how to be assertive, not passive or angry
      • you learn how to ask for what you need without fear, knowing you have the right to have your needs met

Becoming BullyProof means taking back your own power.  Are you ready for that?

If you are then click on the button below and start living the life you want, free from fear and stress and bullying.

4 x 50 min Sessions by phone costs $797.  Includes some email support between sessions.  You will be expected to complete homework between the sessions.

Yes, I am ready to Become BullyProof NOW!

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