Why Bullying Will Never End


Bullying will never end while human beings live in a third dimensional reality characterised by duality, by notions of good, bad, right, wrong and judgement. It will never end full stop, until every human being on the planet is fully able to access the innate power we all have.


Cause of Bullying

Bullying is caused by a power imbalance in both participants in the bullying experience. Both parties have an incorrect sense of their own power, the target who is afraid of their own power and finds it difficult to assert it for their own reasons and the perpetrator who feels powerless at a deep level and tries to ‘steal’ power from another through intimidation. That is the dynamic of bullying.

While we view bullying through the lens of one person being innocent and totally blameless and therefore right and good and the other being wrong and bad and in need of punishment we are entirely missing the point. Both parties involved in this energy exchange and that’s the best way to describe it are acting out an unresolved imbalance in their personal power.


Victim blaming?

Now that might seem harsh.  It might seem like victim blaming here but I can assure you it’s not. Blame assumes rightness and wrongness.  The new paradigm that I’m proposing is to completely remove the blame and see bullying for what it is.  That’s the first step in changing the experience for the targets of bullying.  Awareness is the key here.

Notice there is no mention of changing the perpetrators.  That’s because they rarely seek help and they rarely see they have a problem, so their behaviour is more difficult to change. We can legislate for sure, we can apply sanctions but neither of those approaches address the root cause. And they do little to change behaviour except to drive it more underground and even more difficult to spot and deal with.


Powerlessness seeks resolution

Whenever human beings exist in a state of powerlessness, one of two things happen.  They either fall into a victim state in which case they can become targets for the other or they try desperately to assert power which they don’t actually feel.

These two types will always find each other, just as the addict will find the co-dependant. It’s the Law of Attraction in action and it will continue to be the case as long as humanity exists in a low vibrational and unaware state.  These low level states of being are always seeking resolution and upleveling and need each other to act out an energy exchange which has the potential to redress the balance.

Obviously this is an intellectual look at the problem of bullying which I know can take a very sinister and serious turn quite easily in which those involved can be seriously hurt, both physically and emotionally or can in some cases even take their own lives.


Solutions for bullying

I’m not minimising the impact bullying has on the lives of those involved. I have been bullied myself to the point of being a short step away from a nervous breakdown so I’m fully aware of the pain involved and the consequences.  But maybe it’s time to take an intellectual look, to move away from the hysteria that surrounds bullying and look at it clearly in the light of day with the eyes of neutrality.  Only then will we improve the lives of those who suffer daily from this ever growing problem.

You might want to take a look at the BullyProof program designed to make targets immune to the intimidation of others. It might not stop bullying but it will ease the suffering of ‘victims’ of this insidious problem and give them back their peace of mind and their dignity.




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