Consciousness is the New Mindset

While mindset is undoubtedly the hidden determinant behind the success or the failure of any activity we undertake, consciousness takes this to a whole new level. Mindset is the unseen force that either propels you forward to make the sort of money you desire, have the relationship you want or to develop new habits.  Alternatively, it can block you from living the kind of life you really want.

While mindset is made up of our attitudes, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, our old programming, personality and our emotional intelligence, consciousness adds a much deeper power into the equation.  While mindset might rely on positive thinking, consciousness is knowing; it’s that inexplicable force that resists being categorised, explained or rationalised. And it’s all about awareness of self and about how to understand and use energy.

Raising our consciousness shifts us to a whole new level. Instead of  trying to improve our mindset, consciousness shows us the Truth of who we are, the nature of power and opens us up to Infinite possibilities. And mindset follows. This is the new paradigm and it’s energy based.

Energy is something women really understand.  It is the force by which they nurture, seduce and make tangible that which is not.   But this energy has been denied, suppressed and ridiculed by male dominated organisations and by the larger society in general.  Now it’s time for women to come out of the closet and change the paradigm not only around the use of intuition both at home and in the workplace, but particularly in the area of personal power.

And it’s time for men and women to put down their weapons and realize both genders have played a willing hand in maintaining low levels of consciousness on the planet and that the opposite sex is not the enemy.  Low level consciousness is the culprit here, not the patriarchal system of which men are just as likely to fall victim to.

Whether you realize it or not your life is a result of your current consciousness. And consciousness is often a complicated and misunderstood creature that can impose massive and often unseen limitations on our performance and results and make us behave in often deeply shameful ways. And shame is the emotion that needs to be transmuted into a higher form before consciousness can rise and with it the judgement and blame that is attributed to any outside force or person or system.

Personal power is an inside job.  It can’t be given to us, legislated for us and we don’t have to earn it.  We already have it, it’s innate, it’s part of who we are.

When our consciousness is low, we seek validation from outside, we resort to perfectionism and self doubt is a constant companion.

A low level of consciousness in high powered women causes them to strive for gender equality, blaming men for their low level status and income, for being locked out of the system, arguing for and defending their strength, their ability but always operating from male energy that leaves them angry, depleted and drained. It can turn them into bullies and control freaks.

Alternatively, more powerless women play small, stay in mediocre jobs or relationships and look for a male to take care of them. Or worse still, stay in abusive relationships. These women are operating from the level of the wounded and disempowered female. Both types have a low level of consciousness in regards to feminine energy and the innate power all human beings possess.

High levels of consciousness in women see them stepping away from the collective consciousness that demand men change so that women feel more powerful, into their Divine Feminine energy that allows them to transcend patriarchal structures and thought forms. It’s an energy shift, an internal position, not a doing or changing, but a BEING.

Women don’t need to change to accommodate working in a man’s world. They don’t need to fight anything or stand up to men’s dominance or even to sexual harassment. They don’t need to gain respect.  They simply step away from the old paradigm.  They stop buying into the game that says men have to give power to women.  It’s not theirs to give.  It belongs to women to command at will, to use and to BE.  And when they do, magic happens.

A low level of consciousness in high powered men sees them strive hard to compete, work themselves nearly to death and shut themselves down for fear of being too vulnerable while less powerful men resort to addictions, low paying jobs, domestic abuse, sexual harassment of women or bullying at home or in the workplace.  Many men are also worn out from this game and the fallout it has placed on relationships and family structures.

It’s time for them to return to their rightful place and step into their Divine Masculine.

Low level consciousness is a personal power issue and it needs to be addressed.

Science tell us that the brain is capable of changing. By utilising the concept of neuroplasticity we can change the neural pathways in the brain to address personal power issues by introducing new concepts and by reinforcing them through repetition.

This is the biggest breakthrough in the personal development world in the 21st Century and as our knowledge of this new branch of science increases so will our ability to draw on it to BE more, DO more and HAVE more by raising our consciousness, not by working harder or too much pushing and shoving.  Rewiring our brains to create better results is the new black in peak personal performance. And it doesn’t end there. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

When we increase the personal power of individuals who are being bullied, harassed, intimidated, abused or controlled we free them from the tyranny of a powerless life. They shift from victim hood into the power they already have but were completely unaware of.

And that’s what Neurostrategies for Change does. Our coaching and training programs rewire the brain for peak performance and results and they increase personal power.  Our methods are not strictly traditional but they are remarkably effective. To find out more, contact us here.

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