Could Oprah be bullied?

When I ask anyone who has ever been bullied if they could imagine the Queen being bullied they look at me incredulously as if the question is stupid.

What about Richard Branson? Could you ever imagine him being bullied? Or Oprah? How about Bill Gates?

Of course it would be hard to imagine any of these high profile people being bullied by anyone. And it would be easy to assume that’s because of their high status.

But it’s not their status that prevents them from being a target of bullying.

It’s their presence, their personal power which radiates out from them. It’s their sense of self that was either innate, learned or earned.

I can think of quite a few people who fit that category. It is almost unthinkable that they would ever be the target of bullying. It is something we find hard to imagine. And it would never happen because some people are BullyProof and pose too much trouble to a would be bully.

I’m sure all of us could call to mind someone we know who is not famous or even very high status who a bully would never choose to target. Bullies choose their targets wisely. They ‘sense’ the energy of those who take things personally, get intimidated easily or hate confrontation.

Now before you start labeling this as victim shaming, think about it, particularly if you want bullying to stop or you would like to see those who have suffered from this feel better, happier and stop being a target. There are solutions which work but they involve some sort of internal shift and a raising of consciousness to understand why they have been targeted in the first place.

I have had multiple experiences of dealing with those who have bullied or intimidated others who completely changed their tune when I arrived on the scene. I’m not easily intimidated despite my diminutive size.

Victims of bullying can become BullyProof.  And it’s not all that hard. BullyProof can’t guarantee that no one will ever bully you again but what it can do is to make you as immune as possible to the effects of it. The worst thing abut bullying is not that it happens but how it makes us feel.  Bullying is as impossible to stop as crime, drug addiction or cancer and yet we waste so much time and energy on just that instead of dealing with the human fallout.

Becoming BullyProof can be delivered as one on one coaching or as corporate group training to make workplaces and schools free from the effects of bullying.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, want to book coaching or training with me.

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