Emotional Mastery

I am in charge of my emotionsDo you believe that others cause you to feel a certain way?

Do you often get derailed by your emotions?

Is someone constantly pushing your buttons?

Do you let fears hold you back?

Feel stressed out?

Have too many dramas in your life?

Get upset or angry easily?

Are you a worrier?

Take things too personally?

Are you easily hurt by the actions of others?

Often feel overwhelmed or that life is all too hard sometimes?

Do you ever feel like giving up?

Does anxiety prevent you from performing at your best?

Has depression plagued you from time to time?

Can’t let go of an old sadness or grief?

Do you ever feel lonely, isolated or excluded?

These are just some of the emotions that women get bogged down in. And the truth is we give away our power far too often and too easily by ‘allowing’ others to make us feel a certain way or by letting our emotions control us.

There’s no doubt that women are highly emotional creatures, and although our emotions are considered necessary and that it is normal and healthy to express them, I would disagree to some extent. The conventional method of emotional expression either involves talking about them or breathing through them. I have found that although both of these help, they do not resolve the cause of emotional turmoil.

Here’s one example. Let’s say that my partner has a bit of roving eye and even though I know he would never be unfaithful or act on any impulse that he might have, the fact that he does it at all upsets me and cause me to be jealous a number of times a week. Undoubtedly, that jealous feeling could be reduced by a cognitive approach or by breathing through it until the feeling subsides. The problem is, neither of these approaches tackles and resolves the underlying cause of the emotion, which would differ from person to person.

An Energetic approach, (such as I use with my clients) on the other hand, finds the Core Belief that creates the jealousy, processes the emotion attached to it, neutralizes it and enables the person to rewrite the Core Belief in a more empowering form. And all of that can sometimes only take minutes. The result is that the emotion of jealousy soon becomes unnecessary in my life as I have learned what I needed to learn about me and mastered that aspect of my life. That is how emotions are mastered and that is how the ones that are not essential to safety can eventually become unnecessary in your life. Can you feel the serenity?

Would you like to be able to master your emotions, instead of them controlling you?

Would you like to be able to respond instead of reacting?

Well, all of this is now possible. For most of my life I was the ultimate drama queen, lurching from one crisis to another in a state of constant inner and outer turmoil.
Today, I handle life easily and calmly. I am in control of my emotions. Emotions no longer control me. I am less stressed, much happier and definitely much healthier. It is easier to make decisions, my sleeping patterns have improved and I am in a much better frame of mind to create.

What I have noticed is that the people around me stress less, all my relationships have dramatically improved and there seems little to stress about anymore. No one ‘makes’ me angry, not even world events or the behaviour of others, regardless of how stupid, careless or ignorant they are. In fact, my life today seems to run very smoothly, unlike in the past. All of these changes are a direct result of gaining Emotional Mastery.

If you are ready to enjoy Emotional Mastery, I offer very affordable blocks of three consults with me by phone. You will learn how to neutralize your own emotions, past, present and future. If you feel a more Zen like approach would help your life can run smoothly and if you are sick and tired of running on empty, take some action NOW. Your life will thank you for it.

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