Become a Fearless Self Promoter in 30 Days

Are you ready to become a Fearless Self Promoter?

 Does this sound like you?

You are a woman who

  • is sick of seeing less talented people  make more money?
  • often holds herself back and misses out on business opportunities?
  • is fearful and reluctant to self promote?
  • is determined and hardworking?
  • is intelligent and capable but not achieving the success you desire?
  • is very hard on herself or a perfectionist?
  • feesl blocked in some way but  is now totally ready to move beyond it?
  • gives too much and gets back too little?
  • really wants to help others?
  • has so much knowledge to share?
  • feels very frustrated and impatient with your progress and feel like you could be achieving more?
  • is passionate about your product or service?
  • wants more time and money?
  • is sick of working too hard for the results you get?
  • knows your solution is the best option for your target market?
  • often feels discouraged?

Women are exceptionally good at putting themselves last, not blowing their own horn and giving so much to others.   But when it comes to self promotion, they mostly suck.  Is it a hangover from the days when women were considered inferior?  Is it because we just haven’t got the DNA for it yet?  Are we still trying to please others?  Do we still believe that self promotion makes you appear ‘full of yourself?’  That was certainly the belief that was instilled into my generation.

Self promotion, charging enough for your services, asking for the sale, presenting elevator speeches, asking for joint ventures, dealing with rejection, worrying about what others think, all push our self worth buttons. Even women who come from a corporate background or excel in sales often have a hard time selling themselves, or their own products and service.

But these issues must be mastered before success becomes a reality. The importance of personal development to small business success is an extremely neglected area and often totally underestimated. These issues can be mastered over time, but the time it takes costs your business money and can create massive frustration.

There’s no doubt that personal growth will  dramatically shorten  the time frame between where you are now in your business and where you would like to be, but the main problem with  personal development programs  is that they are generic and don’t suit everyone.  And they don’t address the particular issues that women face with self promotion.

 I have spent thousands of dollars on personal development programs, but most had no effect either on my business success and little on my inability to self promote.  The reason is that my barriers to success are different from someone else’s.  And the programs out there are generic.

And most of them only work at a cognitive level, which means they tell you what you should think about yourself, and how you should act, but not actually HOW to change how you think and feel.

Fearless Self Promotion for Women is a one on one  Personal Development Program designed specifically for your needs.  We decide together what you need and the program is created for you.

Suppose you feel insecure and uncomfortable promoting your business.  We change that.

Perhaps you are anxious about networking.  You can learn to eliminate that.

Maybe you’d love to blog but lack the confidence?  I’ll show you how to change that critical, inner voice and  find your unique blogging voice instead.

Hate asking for the sale?  Imagine how your business would thrive if you could ask for the sale.

Is self doubt a problem for you?   Would you like a tool that could change that within minutes?

Perhaps there’s someone in particular you’d really like to contact, but feel afraid. Imagine that happening.

How does ‘fear of rejection’ feel to you?  What if you weren’t bothered by it?  Would that help?

Maybe it is time to step up to next level in your career or business, but you lack the confidence. You can learn how to tap into a super confident mindset.

Lack of assertiveness could be holding you back.  Not when you have the right tools.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to feel so confident about your business, knowing that the service you offer or the product you sell is awesome. Do you think your business would take off much more quickly?  Of course it would.

Why this Personal Development Program is different from anything else on the market

  • Super affordable and quick
  • Tailored specifically to your needs
  • Teaches you how to become empowered in whatever area you need
  • You learn how to use the Thought Zapper, a form of Energy Psychology which is more than 10 times more effective than any cognitive approach
  • You will learn to become your own Success Coach because you will have the tools
  • Learn to eliminate negative emotions easily
  • Be able to stay in the peak performance zone


Real change happens at the unconscious level.

With Energy Psychology it can happen in minutes.

Fearless Self Promotion for Women

Five hours of  one on one transformation plus 30 days of unlimited email support for only $997

That is unbelievable value.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to feel totally confident about promoting your business.

Wouldn’t that feel fabulous?

How quickly will your business grow once you feel like that?  

Don’t waste any more time and money. Invest in yourself.  According to Brian Tracey “for every 1 dollar you invest in yourself it will return 30 dollars to your bottom line” that’s 30:1 or 3000 % return on your investment.

So, don’t wait, contact me now to find out more or to schedule your first consult in the Fearless Self Promotion Program for Women.

Are you ready to start right away?  

Good, click the Buy Now now button

Fearless Self Promotion for Women Coaching Program


Not sure yet ? Like to find out if I’m the real deal? Well, you are in luck because I’ve recently added the $49 Issue Zapper to my services so you can try before you buy. One issue resolved, one consult, $49. Once you experience the Thought Zapper you’ll see its incredible transformational power and be on your way to becoming a FEARLESS SELF PROMOTER.


Madonna works with network marketers and home based business owners to help them develop the mindset and the skills required to become a successful solopreneur. Madonna Robinson is a Personal Development Consultant and Mindset Specialist, a Level 3 EFT Practitioner, trained in Matrix Reimprinting, a certified Life Coach, an NLP Master, holds certificate IV in Small Business Management, Workplace Training and Assessment and TESOL, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities and a Diploma of Education. She is available for consultations in person or on the phone.

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