Life by Design Coaching

I love coaching.  It’s great and gets good results. Generally it keeps us focused and accountable and helps us to set and reach achievable goals.  I have been a certified coach for about 5 years and I have a coach myself.

But what if you could amplify those results, really ramp it up and bring in another element that changed everything?

Something that really made a big difference and added another dimension.

Let me tell you a couple of quick stories.

When I bought my first house as a single mother I was forced to buy at the bottom of the market or close to it.  I saw the house of my dreams the very first day but it was way out of my price range, very much out of my price range.

So I kept looking.  I inspected 60 or so houses, but none of them had the wow factor like the house that was stuck in my mind. Somehow I couldn’t imagine spending that much money on a house that I wasn’t in love with.  It seemed wrong.

So, I set my sights on said Dream House. And guess what?  I got it a few weeks later.

Story number two is a about a car that I simply ‘manifested’ for free.  Now to be honest, I don’t like that word much as it has connotations of the much maligned and over used Law of Attraction. LOA is real alright, no doubt about that, but to suggest that everything can be manifested without action is simply nonsense.  Although in this case that is exactly what happened.

I didn’t win the car and it was mine outright, fully paid for.  And it was the exact same colour as the one I ‘asked’ for. More about that later.

The third story is about a very successful business I brought back from the dead almost overnight and turned into a saleable commodity a few years later. I was running a struggling singles function business that I had ploughed a lot of money into, all I had really.  And I had tried every method of advertising from print to radio to brochures and to flyers. And the patrons simply weren’t coming.  My accountant told me to give it up and that I was ‘throwing good money after bad.’

I screamed inside and when I calmed down, I decided that wasn’t going to happen.

So, I did what I did in the other two stories.  I tapped into my superconscious mind instead of trying to rely on my conscious mind for all the answers.

And within three weeks, the joint was jumping and I had to find bigger venues for my singles parties.

Now, all of these might simply be coincidences.  I do have a heap of other stories but this isn’t story time.  It’s reality time.

I’m now offering regular coaching with a dash of deep clearing any blocks if necessary and a whole heap of learning how to tap into the field of Universal Intelligence to make your goals a reality. It’s what I call Life by Design and it’s available now.

So, get cracking if you are sick of putting up with mediocre results. Let’s get your party started and make your #lifebydesign a reality instead of a promise. Let’s rewire that brain of yours so 2017 is a ripper year for you.


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