Emotional First Aid

Do you need some emotional first aid?

Are you going through a crisis of some sort?

Perhaps you have some baggage or old trauma from the past that that you’d like to let go of but don’t know how to?

Are you a woman who is stressed, exhausted, fed up and sick of looking after everyone else?  Are you wondering when it’s going to be your turn?

Are your relationships disappointing, troublesome or volatile?  Or do you keep meeting the wrong ones?

Are you (or your children) being bullied, intimidated or controlled and you feel powerless?

Have you lost your sense of self?  Forgotten who you are?  Often feel not good enough?

Are you running old programs about who you are?  Is it time to upgrade your personal software and install a new version of you? 

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? 

Have fears you’d like to get rid of? 

If any of those descriptions fit you, then you need some Emotional First Aid  are you in the right place.

I use a powerful process that helps you let go of all that and feel great faster than you ever thought possible. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I am an educator, healer and personal development consultant who has experienced all of the above and much more and come out the other side on a mission to help other women feel better and enjoy a much richer experience of life.  I help women create the life they truly deserve.

You will learn a simple Energy Technique that cuts through the crap and does so quickly, that takes you to the stuff you are hanging onto and dissipates it. It will still be a journey, but it will be easier and much quicker than mine. It will be a journey that you are in charge of, because YOU will have the tool.  And it doesn’t matter where in the world you live because we do this over the phone. How cool is that?  We start off with 3 sessions and see how you go.  Depending on your own motivation and what result you are looking for, you might not need any more sessions.  Some of my clients have 3 sessions and then come back in a couple of months and have three more.  Some women have three and that’s it. So, how does that sound?

Are you ready to start creating the life you do want instead of staying stuck in one you don’t want?

Are you ready to experience inner calm and be in control of your emotions instead of them controlling you?

Are you ready to start enjoying supportive and loving relationships instead of the ones you have had in the past?

Are you ready to rediscover who you used to be before life got in the way?

Are you ready to start putting yourself first  and nurturing you? 

Are you ready to finally let go of the past?

Because if you are I help women like you get their shit together.  If you are ready, then let’s get started. Make this the year that turns everything around for you;  no more excuses, no more putting up with second best.  No more crap. You deserve it and you are worth it.

 Let’s do it.



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