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Would you like to create more success in your life? 

There’s very little doubt that the way we think, what we think and what we focus on determines the results we get in life. What is less known is that our beliefs and particularly our subconscious ones outrank our thoughts in our ability to create our lives.  More about that later.

Science is continually providing more and more evidence that your brain is malleable and continually changing in response to your lifestyle, physiology, and environment.

This concept is called neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity—meaning, you are literally reforming your brain with each passing day. It used to be thought that your brain was fixed, but today, we understand this isn’t true.

Your brain possesses the remarkable ability to reorganize pathways, create new connections and, in some cases, even create new neurons throughout your entire lifetime.

What we know about this new science of neuroplasticity has enormous implications  for our ability to create successful results in our lives. What if we could consciously rewire our brains for success?  What if we could reprogram our brains to create amazing new levels of success in or lives?

Our subconscious mind is responsible for over 90% of our actions, behaviour, perceptions, feelings and RESULTS, so it makes sense to know what’s going on at unconscious level and to have techniques that can change our unsuccessful thoughts and more importantly our limiting beliefs.

Most of us are not aware that our unconscious beliefs hold far more away over the results we get in life than any thoughts we might have.  If you think thoughts are important, consider this.  Beliefs are solidified thoughts, hardwired into the psyche and often deeply embedded with negative emotions. They are not as easy to shift as thoughts and often we don’t know they exist.

I have developed a program called a Mindset Upgrade which rewires and resets the brain, so perception changes and so does your ability to think and behave like a successful person. Mindset Magic?  I think so.

A Mindset Upgrade works with the subconscious instead of the conscious mind, which creates little or no resistance to change. Working with the conscious mind to create success is often hard for many of us.  Success can depend on past successes, losses or failure, the success levels of our parents, our own self image, in fact the list of potential success inhibitors is endless.

We are told to think positively, take massive action, have gratitude and work hard and success will come. Many of us have discovered that it is not quite as simple as that. And then there’s the sabotage, and the procrastination and the endless comparisons with peers.  How do you work on all that and stay positive, motivated and on track?

The easy way is to rewire your brain for success. The purpose of a Mindset Upgrade is to train your brain to expect successful outcomes. Firstly we change the old programming at an unconscious level, install new beliefs, and use many energy based techniques to create a mindset not only for success, but based on the specific outcome you want to create.

The mindset for any outcome can be achieved in a relatively short space of time.

  • If you want to become vibrationally aligned with a 6 figure business, then you need to feel like a 6 figure income person on the inside.  Your self identity can be rewired to make this possible.
  • If your income or your level in an organisation has plateaued, then it can be reset. We all have an upper limit threshold past which it seems impossible to rise. Your income threshold can be reset to whatever your mind will accept now and you can learn how to keep resetting it over time.
  • Perhaps your WHY has fizzled out and your business has become a chore or worse still, a place of constant stress. With a Mindset Upgrade you could revitalise your passion, find that motivation and inspiration you initially had and then learn how to keep it. You could also turn the stress into success.  How amazing would that be?
  • If you want to get involved in a joint venture with someone who is at a much higher level of success than you, then rewiring your brain can put you in the vibration to have that become a reality for you.
  • You are not getting the results you want because you are procrastinating and holding back and playing small far too small.  Consequently, you are not taking the action you need to take to make that success a reality. You have fears that are preventing you from achieving the success you desire.  Once the fears are identified, they are dissolved and replaced with updated ones.  Your brain becomes rewired for success.
  • You are making all the right moves but are still not getting the results. This is caused by a misalignment between beliefs and goals.  Once the limiting beliefs are discovered and released, new ones are installed which are a vibrational match for the success you want.

Not only does this short Mindset Upgrade access the old programs in the unconscious mind and change them, you will learn how to access the superconscious mind, which holds within it the potential to create everything our limited minds are capable of accepting.

A Mindset Upgrade to rewire the brain for success consists of four one on one, highly targeted sessions which are conducted by Facebook messenger so location is not an issue. You will have access to me during the entire 4 weeks to ask questions, get clarity and to help you move ahead faster. But be warned.  This is not straight coaching, this is transformation and as old programs surface for release, some discomfort might be felt.  But the results will be worth it and you will have techniques to pass through it quickly.

This is truly pioneering work, a culmination for me of 30 years studying personal development and mindset techniques and 17 years working with Energy Psychology in various forms.  I have combined the best of what I have learned about what works and condensed them to be delivered  in the shortest time frame possible and for the lowest possible price. I am so pleased and so proud to offer this work and I look forward to working with anyone who wants to create more success in their lives.

Mindset Upgrade






Mindset Upgrade Coaching Program

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