Uplevel to Fearless

fear-198933_1280You know how you’ve been told that in order to step up to the next level you have to feel the fear and do it anyway?  What if that wasn’t true and there was an easier way.  What if there was a way for you to dissolve the fear first and then do it?  Would you be interested?  How would that excellerate your results?   Would it make your life easier?

What would you dissolve?  Your fear of public speaking?  Of asking for a raise or a promotion?  A joint venture perhaps?

Asking for anything? Can you do that with ease?

Have you ever been afraid of hurting someone else?

What about the fear around networking?  Going to social events alone?  Asking for what you want?

Are you afraid of standing out, shining your light or being different?

Fear of failure?  Fear of success?  They’re big road blocks for many.

Fear of looking or sounding stupid?  Or being laughed at, ridiculed or rejected?  We all hate that.

Do you fear charging what you’re actually worth?

What about making those follow up calls?  Most of us cringe at that. Imagine if you could call anyone up and ask them for anything?

How about fear of the unknown?  Doing things alone?   Most of us hate disappointment so much it keeps us paralysed, so we avoid it.  Imagine if we could deal with disappointment  as simply a part of life.

I was afraid of nearly everything I’ve mentioned.  At University I wouldn’t even put my hand up and ask a question in the lecture room. I so admired those brave enough to do so.

Well, let me tell you that it is possible to dissolve fears around anything. Yes, dissolve.  As a Mindset Coach I can teach you how to uplevel the easy way, how to be able to do the things you’ve been afraid of without being afraid.  And I promise I will never ask you to change your mind about anything.  I will definitely never ask you to face your fear and then do it, because that is no longer necessary.

Instead I will show you how to upgrade your memory banks by discharging the emotional response that is keeping you stuck and fearful.  Our minds are like computers and they work much the same way. Some how,  the neural pathways in your brain responsible for this unnecessary  fear  became corrupted .  A Mindset Upgrade determines which pathways need resetting and then installs new ones that have a completely different perception of that which was keeping you in fear. We upgrade our phones and computers regularly.  Why not the computer that runs our life?

And now our minds can enjoy the same upgrades as our technology.  The era of Human Technology has arrived.  Imagine not feeling afraid of the dreaded thing that holds you back. Once that happens you are able to do what others can already do fearlessly. That’s why it’s called Uplevel to Fearless, a Mindset Upgrade that rewires and resets the brain, so perception changes and so does your ability to act, minus the fear. Mindset Magic? I think so.

There is a well documented science behind the new Human Technology.  This is not weird, new age, woo woo nonsense.  The new scientific discoveries being made in the fields of quantum physics, epigenetics, brain neuroplasticity all bear this out.

It’s a simple matter of knowing how to work with the energy system instead of the conscious mind, which is how most of us still try to manage fear.  We are told to face our fears and push through them and eventually get it over it.   Yeah, right.  And how many of us actually do that?  I don’t do that because it feels terrible and I would never ask my clients do that either. And I’m not into settling for less than I am capable of or putting up with situations that limit me. Are you?  And I’m not into managing fear.  I’m into eliminating it.

A Mindset Upgrade to dissolve fear consists of four one on one, highly targeted sessions which are conducted by PHONE or skype, so location is not an issue. It will involve one area of your life only. I will expect you to really work at this. You will have unlimited access to me via a secret Facebook group to ask questions or to hold your hand through the process. If you aren’t prepared to really shift the crap, then please don’t ask to work with me.

Human Technology allows change to occur easily and quickly.  And once the neural pathways have been reset and upgraded, a change of perception occurs. The mindset changes and so do the results. Are you ready or are you still willing to settle?   If you are ready to uplevel to freedom from fear, then you know what to do.  It’s called hit the Buy Now button.

Uplevel to Fearless Mindset Upgrade

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