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Are you frustrated with the results you’ve been getting in your networking business, even though you’ve worked really hard at it?

Have your results been disappointing, even though you’ve been to all the trainings, followed up on all the leads?

Are you hearing lots of ‘no’s?’

Has  prospecting become a chore?

Has your anxiety turned into procrastination?

Do you worry that people will switch off as soon as you mention your business?

Are you starting to doubt your ability to make this work? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you are not alone.

I recently completed a 30 minute Change Your Mindset session via phone with Madonna. I sought Madonna’s assistance in helping me move past a program running through my head that I felt was holding me back in my business. The challenge I had and that most direct sellers have is “what will people think of me if I talk to them about my business” As direct sellers the secret to our success is sharing your business with others. Imagine the feeling of not being confidently able to talk to others about your business – the result my business was not growing despite my best efforts. Through the session Madonna taught me the technique of EFT to help me release those negative feelings about what others think of me and move forward. I found it empowering and as she explained the technique I quickly realised I could use it in other aspects of my business and life. I now feel confident to talk to people including friends and family about my business without the negative emotions I had . I would highly recommend completing a session with Madonna regardless of whether you are dealing with a professional or personal issue. The technique is easy to learn and can be applied in all areas of your life! Thank you

Julianne Davies, Nuskin distributor;

There is really only one problem you face in network marketing  that separates you from the top achievers.  And it’s probably not what you think.

It is not the action they take that makes the difference.  Haven’t you already done that?

It is the way they think and the beliefs they hold.

Is that good or bad news?

Well it’s bad news if you don’t know that and it’s bad news if you don’t know how to change the way you think or discover what your unconscious beliefs are.

But, it’s good news if you have a technique that quickly and effectively allows you to change the way you think within minutes.

The answer to your dilemma is not more training.

It’s not motivation and it’s not inspiration

It’s not speaking to more prospects and it’s not being mentored.

It’s definitely not buying ‘how to’ products that promise success or attending generic training.

Success is not about the steps you take, although they are important.

MINDSET is the number one Success Principle in every endeavour, in every business.

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis, is exactly what you will experience in your life.” Tony Robbins

The only difference between a successful anything and an unsuccessful one is how they think and what they believe.

It is not what they do.  It never has been.

So, what is the answer?

First of all,

Are you completely  ready to

  •  be more successful at network marketing?
  •  change your mindset about what’s possible for you?
  • upgrade your self image to ensure your success?
  • learn to love prospecting to anyone?
  • get completely aligned with your business success?
  • overcome the fear around selling?
  • stop worrying what others think of you?
  • learn how to raise your set income threshold?
  • develop more credibility?
  • move beyond the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success?
  • learn a cutting edge tool for Instant Motivation?
  • stop procrastination in it’s tracks?
  • let go of the fear of the follow up call?
  • eliminate the Fear of Rejection?

If you are completely ready for success,  the answer is Energy Psychology.

Real change happens at the unconscious level and with Energy Psychology it can happen within minutes.

Energy Psychology is the easiest and most effective way to change the way you think .

So, what is this Energy Psychology?  It’s a completely new way of rewiring the brain to achieve the results you want.  It’s quick, painless and effective.

Imagine being able to quickly change old ways of thinking.  That’s the promise of Energy Psychology

Yesterday, I had a terrific session  with Madonna Robinson to help eliminate a reluctance to make prospecting phone calls. Most people in business or sales could identify with this. It’s very hard to describe in words, but amazingly enough this works in an hour or two, so I highly recommend you go see Madonna and get rid of your problem if you are experiencing anything similar to what I was. You’ll be amazed at how fast and effective it is, and you’ll be so glad you did! Paul Humphries, The Video Guy  

Imagine if you could finally let go of all the self doubt, fear and sabotage that has prevented you from being successful.

Imagine if you stopped feeling not ‘good enough’ and instead started moving forward with confidence?

You have tried everything you have been told. 

Isn’t it time for a completely different approach?  One that works?

You will learn a portable tool that you use to change or improve  any area of your life.

You will be able to clear the blocks that have been keeping you as one of the 95% ‘ers who struggle with network marketing.

After all, don’t you deserve it? Haven’t you worked hard to get this far?

You will be able to clear the limiting blocks

Improve your financial situation by clearing your money blocks

Release the negative beliefs that have been holding you back

Stop being stuck and move forward towards success in your business

This is a one on one, short coaching program, designed to get you moving fast. It consists of 4 sessions by phone or skype spread over a month. At last, training that is tailored made for me. 

Network Marketing Magic Coaching Sessions

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