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Anger and Hate are Toxic Emotions

Anger and Hate are Toxic Emotions

Are you carrying anger or hate towards a person or situation  from the past?

Does this anger sometimes bubble over into your present life and affect those you love?

Have you suffered abuse or mistreatment in the past and feel that you are still being affected by it?

Do you wish that karma would catch up with someone from your past?

Do you harbour revenge thoughts?

If you carry anger, hate or revenge in your heart, it acts like a boomerang and comes right back at you, over and over again until you ‘get it,’ and let it go. Regardless of how justified you think you are, regardless of what they have perpetrated on you, the Law of Attraction doesn’t judge. It simply notices your vibration and as the story goes, ‘Like attracts like.’

These toxic feelings attract more of the same kinds of people and situations to you.  Is that what you want?  Or have you had enough?

The truth is that these toxic emotions make you sick and they keep you stuck right back in the old situations, the ones you don’t like, with people you want to get away from.  That’s the Law of Attraction in action.

Toxic emotions destroy your peace of mind, rob you of the enjoyment of life, keep you emotionally unbalanced and prevent you from achieving your full potential, but worse still, you FEEL unhappy most of the time.

Would you like to learn how to let these toxic emotions go?  It’s much easier than you think. I was told by a therapist once that I had enough rage to poison nations, so if I can do it, then so can you.

I offer a package of 4 very inexpensive sessions in which you learn how easy it is to let go, to clean up the past and move on. We do not just talk about it, we clear the old energy from your body, mind and soul, leaving you with a clean slate, a slate on which you have the power to write your future.  You come away with a clearing tool for life which you can use any time you wish in the future.

If you are ready to clear old, outdated, toxic emotions, take some action and let’s get started.  You’ll find the contact and details on this page.

Here’s to a brand new you.  Looking forward to empowering you to become all that you can be and living the life you deserve.

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