Relationship Rescue

Do you find yourself having the same old arguments with your partner?

Do you find yourself constantly saying, ‘We need to talk,’ but the issue never gets resolved?

Is your relationship in trouble?

Do you love him but the spark seems to have gone?

Have you asked him to change but he never does?

Do you constantly feel tired, drained or just plain hurt?

Do you feel like you are nagging all the time?

Do you wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with?

You might be in need of a Relationship Rescue. A Relationship Rescue works on the principles outlined by renowned marriage therapist, Harville Hendrix, the best selling author of ‘Getting the Love You Want.’

Over 20 years of working with warring couples led him to the conclusion that all relationship issues stem from denied and lost parts of ourselves that we project onto our partners and vice versa.  They will also project theirs onto you, so it’s not a case of one person doing everything right and the other always in the wrong.  Each partner brings their own unresolved ‘stuff’ to the energetic mix.

For example, a needy person will attract an inattentive or unsupportive partner and blame the partner for the problem.  A controlling person will attract someone who pretends they are not controlling, but in reality they are.  An emotionally unstable person will always partner with someone is who emotionally turbulent and yet fail to see that they are part of the problem.

There is no  blame in this approach, but there is responsibility.

Hendrix asks that each person take 100% responsibility for what they bring to the relationship. He works with couples in long term behaviour change.  I work with individuals at an energetic level to uncover the imbalances creating the relationship issues and correct them. Once our previous emotional triggers are neutralized, the game we have been playing collapses. The arguments cease, the issues can dissolve and the relationship can start to blossom again.

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge,’ Dr Phil.

Magic can happen in relationships when we begin to acknowledge our part in creating the issues in the first place. If we fail to do this we will find ourselves locked in to a groundhog day type  relationship that creates continual stress and dramas but one which will eventually fall apart.

The other difference between my way of working and traditional therapy or counselling is that I use Energy Psychology or Tapping to find and clear the unconscious blocks that are triggering your emotional responses.  While it is the first step to know that you are needy because your mother treated you harshly, it is an entirely different matter to clearing the emotional pain around that.  Tapping achieves this quickly and relatively painlessly. The results are amazing and impact positively on every area of your life.

If you want your relationship to be what you imagined it would be when you got together, then a Relationship Rescue is what you need.  Phone sessions are booked in multiples of 4 and require you to do homework. There is some follow up in between sessions and a 15 min exploratory before we begin, all for an incredibly low price.  So, what are you waiting for.  You’ve tried your way.  Why don’t you try mine.  If you are ready, contact me.


*Disclaimer. Not all relationships can be rescued. When you change, it can have an effect on the energy of your partner. There is a possibility that once a person works on their own issues, a partner might decide to leave the relationship. This is very powerful work.  Please be aware of this before making a booking. But consider this, until your own issues are resolved, it is not possible to maintain a healthy, loving relationship because you issues will continue to surface until they are resolved.

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