Rewire Your Brain for Success Members 30 Day I Am Enough Program

If you are a member of Rewire Your Brain for Success Facebook group you are being rewarded with a special members price for the program  I would ask that you respect this and not pass it on to non members but to encourage them to join the group.  Thank you.


I am enough.

Such magic words. But are they true for you?

They were not true for me for most of my life. And the belief that I was not enough, not good enough to be a teacher, an entrepreneur or a successful business owner held me back for decades and kept me playing small.

In this 30 Day I Am Enough Program you will; (if you do the work)

  • Know you are enough for one BIG goal
  • Believe you are enough despite your age, education or past failures
  • Know you are enough despite what others have told you
  • Know that you are enough to earn a good income
  • Believe that you deserve success despite anything you have been punishing yourself for
  • Know that you are enough even if and when you stuff up
  • Believe you are enough to have your needs met
  • Know that your work is enough
  • Believe your ability, your gifts and your talents are enough


What you will get

 A Secret Facebook group.

 A daily video to facilitate the changes you will need to make that day.

 ♥ A place to post questions, concerns, challenges and ‘stuckness’ so myself or any members of the group can help you get unstuck.

Support without judgement

The latest techniques for change that can be applied to other issues in your life

Brainstorming and networking with like minded people

A really inexpensive way to make a shift that could have such a massive impact on your life

We will be working with energetic processes to fast track your results and to change the deepest levels of your mind.  Obviously, the more effort you put in, the greater will be the result. The same goes for being consistent.  Working on this for 30 days will get you a concentrated benefit.

I Am Enough is at the heart of what holds us back and we are all influenced by these magic words.  At every new level we wish of achievement we come up against our own Upper Limit, that invisible barrier that seems impossible to scale at times. You might be starting out in business, or wanting to make a massive leap in income or position.  What holds you back from that is the belief that you are not enough to pull it off.

Let’s change that in 2016 and finally know “I Am Enough.”

****This program starts on the 10th August.  Prior to that date, you will receive a manual and be added to the group the morning of the start of the 10th.

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