Rise and Shine

Do you have a big dream that is still waiting to happen?

Are you looking to reach the next level of success? 

Well, you are in the right place.

Mindset is everything.  Anthony Robbins, the leadership and peak performance expert claims that in almost every circumstance, 80 percent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—and only 20 percent is due to strategy or action.  And he knows what he is talking about.

‘Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude,’ says Zig Zigler, the famous motivational and personal development guru.  Attitude is a large part of our mindset. Want attitude?  Keep reading.

Brian Tracey, one of the world’s leading authorities on human potential and personal effectiveness states, ‘Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.’ Beliefs charged with emotion create our reality and that includes the negative ones as well.  Mindset is that complex combination of conscious thoughts, unconscious beliefs, attitudes and perception. It is much, much more than wishful thinking and a positive attitude.  Did you know that?

Napoleon Hill said, ‘Think and grow rich.’  It starts with thought.  It starts with carefully cultivated thought.  Action follows, not the other way around.

Steve Maraboli is a behavioural science academic, life changing speaker and best selling author and he states, “Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”  That is so true.

Success in any endeavour is dependent on a mind trained for and focused on success.  So why do we need a coach?  Isn’t our Y enough?  Don’t we have enough willpower and determination to succeed on our own?  For a very small percentage of the population that might be true.

But if that were generally true, why is procrastination such a big problem?

Why do thousands of people google ‘self sabotage’ every day?

Why do motivational speakers talk relentlessly about overcoming self doubt?

What about the dreaded F word.  FEAR.  How many of us let fear stop us in our tracks?

Why does the inner critic have a field day when we stuff up?

Why do bloggers continue to write post after post on mindset traps?

Why are we constantly reminded to step up and stop playing small?

Why does our self image plummet when we fail?

Why do only approximately 8% of our New Year resolutions actually come to fruition?

These questions all have the same answer. These behaviours all stem from conflicting unconscious programming which guarantees we’ll sabotages our success.  Maybe we want to lose weight, but we have an unconscious belief that we need the weight to protect us because we were assaulted when we were younger and the weight is a misguided attempt at self protection.  Or perhaps we procrastinate because we fear that if we are successful, then we will lose it all again like last time or maybe we’ll lose our friends.  Generally we are not aware of this programming, but it lurks beneath the surface impacting negatively on our behavior, which in turn affects our results.

And for this reason, the truth is most of us can’t do it on our own. Making giant leaps or reaching big goals require massive change, not only in behaviour, but internally.

We need a coach because talent, hard work, determination and a strong Y isn’t enough to overcome the mental and emotional limitations of our unconscious minds and the evidence of that is obvious when we consider the questions above. We need a coach to see our blind spots, to keep us accountable and to hone in and drill down on the roadblocks we set up for ourselves.

A coach narrows the gap and shortens the time frame between desire and achievement.

There are plenty of coaches to choose from and many who specialise in mindset. When you work with me, you’ll get pretty much what every other coach promises, but you’ll also get a lot more. I offer more because I struggled with my own mindset for many years.  Deeply entrenched beliefs adopted in childhood and cultivated in a rich compost of experience over many years prevented my success and caused massive self sabotage, procrastination and failure.  I learned through trial and error how to move beyond my own self created blocks and in the process discovered the most amazing mindset tools on the planet.

My Y is my passion to help others reach their goals by becoming the best version of themselves possible.  I love helping women in particular break through their mindset barriers to bask in the sweet smell of success,  because I know what it feels like to ‘see’ success and have it just out of my reach.  I so hated that. For me, it wasn’t so much the glass ceiling, but glass walls.  Success was so close and yet so far.

Here is what I do differently to other coaches.

You will never be asked  to change your mind.  That’s right. A Mindset Coach who’ll never ask you to think differently about anything.  But I will teach you how to change your thoughts automatically, without self talk and without having to talk yourself into anything. 

You will never be asked to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’  That’s old school thinking.  I will teach you a better, easier way. 

What you’ll get when you work with me;

  • a program designed for YOU. Both my Mindset Magic individual coaching packages and the Rise and Shine Program are based on client needs. They are not pre-packaged, because one system does not fit all. I don’t do cookie cutter. My programs are so much more more than goal setting and accountability. They are about YOU and the glorious YOU you will become.
  • unlimited support during the program which stops you from falling into the endless mindset traps that cause others to lose momentum or fail and to give up.  Who doesn’t need support?  We all do, right?  And not only will you have me, you’ll have the other group members.

You will learn how to;

  • uncover your own unconscious limitations and how to smash through them.  You can learn to use an amazing tool that will reveal to you EXACTLY what you believe is possible for you or what you truly feel at a deep level about your self worth or any other block that you might be unaware of.  This tool alone is a Game Changer and it’s only the beginning.
  • change all of those old stories you’ve been telling yourself for years.  You know the ones that keep you playing small and limited.  Now is the time to create new empowering stories.  You get to write the script with another amazing tool that uses your energy system and not your conscious mind, which is the cause of the problem. This tool bypasses the conscious mind, so resistance to change is limited.
  • upgrade your internal self image to fit the level of success you desire and how to do this continuously as life unfolds for you.  You know that picture of yourself that you don’t show to the world, the one you have playing out in your head when you’re at your worst. That one.  It has passed its use by date. Time for a reset.
  • become a perfect vibrational match to your goals.  You know that feeling when you just know you’ve got it right, when the whole world works and you are in the flow?  When its not possible to be unsuccessful? When self doubt has left the building? That’s what I’m talking about.
  • neutralize your fears instead of fighting against them. If I ever ask you to feel the fear and do it you have my permission to shoot me. I so hate that myself.  I’m a chicken.  I don’t do fear.  I don’t do ‘out of my comfort zone’ well.  Thank god I don’t have to. And I can teach you how to feel the same. That could be the best part of my whole program.
  • completely stop procrastination in its tracks.  You know those days when you just don’t feel like it, or when that little voice inside your head starts a crappy story about it being too hard or it taking too long or any other such nonsense?  Well, one thing is for sure.   I promise you’ll never get a list like this from me, ’10 Ways to Overcome Procrastination’ or ’11 Steps to Beating Procrastination.’   I  laugh when I see those posts, because there is only one step needed to stop procrastination in its tracks.  This one step helps you to uncover the CAUSE of your procrastination, which enables you to uncreate that limiting story and allows you to FEEL like doing what you were previously procrastinating about.  I just realized how awesome that is even though I’ve been using that one step for 14 years.
  • move out of the self sabotage cycle. Oh, let me count the ways.  We can sabotage ourselves in endless ways and often we are not even aware of it.  Personally, I don’t agree with the label self sabotage because it comes with the connotation of malicious intent. When we engage in behaviours that are considered to self sabotaging, the intentions are never malicious.  They are always an attempt at self protection or in sparing us from an unpleasant emotion.  They can be programs created at an earlier time in our lives when we didn’t have access to all the information or later ones that are simply fear based. The Mindset Magic Program helps you uncover the emotion, the story and the pattern that keeps conflicting programs running and clears the energy that supports them so they drop away.
  • master your emotions.  This is a biggie for women. Using the energy techniques  I teach has taken me from Drama Queen, Worry Wort, and the Angry Ant (a family nickname) to being almost Zen like in my approach to life.  Virtually nothing bothers me any more and the absolute best part of that is that drama falls away, there is virtually nothing to be upset about and definitely nothing to worry about, regardless of external circumstances.  Most of our problems are self created but once we learn to master our emotions, problems simply stop showing up.  Now that didn’t happen overnight, but it does happen with practice and intention. It’s really cool.
  • laugh at self doubt.  This is pretty self explanatory, don’t you think? After all, it’s just a story and we have ways of dealing with stories. And it is easy, and automatic.
  • develop amazingly high levels of resilience, just what every entrepreneur needs to survive and thrive in the world today.
  • reset your income level. Income level is a mindset. Like weight.  Like everything really. When you work with energy and not the conscious mind, real change is possible, even resetting your income level.
  • create a Peak Performance Zone for yourself every day so that you can start the day on a high or get yourself back into it when that sneaky little beast called Overwhelm knocks on your door.

You will develop;

  • the ability to change your perception at will and consequently how you FEEL without self talk or trying to talk yourself into anything.  Just think about what that really means.
  • the knowledge of how to make the creative process work you for.  Ever heard of Visualising in the Alpha State?  This one technique alone enabled me to manifest a free car which I did not win, a 6 figure part time business which everyone said was impossible and the house of my dreams when I was very short of the money needed to buy it.  It is one of the missing links in the Law of Attraction and you will learn it in this program.


Rise and Shine Group Coaching Program Outline

Step One; You will develop a very clear picture of  your goal, one that is possible, achievable and exciting, one that makes you want to jump put of bed in the morning and shout to the world, ‘Hey, look out world.  I’m here.’ 

Step Two; Uncover all the blocks, barriers, fears, BS stories, and the mindset traps that are keeping you from your goal. You will learn how to master your fears and your emotions.  Won’t they be surprised?

Step Three; Learn 3 of my cutting edge energy tools for dissolving these blocks so that you are empowered and can start to master your own mindset.  Unlike other programs or workshops that inspire or motivate you and that you forget about the following week, this is TRANSFORMATIONAL and you will have the skills, knowledge and ability to continue your own growth.

Step Four; Clearing the old, limiting neural pathways and dissolving the blocks you knew about plus all the unconscious ones you were unaware of, up to 7 generations back. It’s time to stop playing small.

Step Five; Rewiring the brain and reprogramming the mind by installing new, positive beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and perceptions, behaviours and patterns. Time to step out of the scarcity model baby, and into an expanded mindset. It’s time to fire up those neurons.

Step Six; Learn how to deal with what ever life throws at us on a daily basis so we don’t lose our balance or focus. How cool is that?

Step Seven; How to get in and stay in the Peak Performance Zone every day.  This is the ultimate Success Accelerator.  Better for you than breakfast. 

Step Eight; Become completely aligned with your goal. And this is when you’ll start to see the Law of Attraction working for you instead of against you.  Complete vibrational alignment with your product or service equals a complete vibrational match to your success. That has always been the missing piece in the Law of Attraction.   Want to become a magnet for your desires?

  Are you ready for it? If you are I have a special offer for Sassy Women Network but only for today.

10 Modules over 8 weeks

8 x 2.5 hr group coaching webinars  Value  $2995

2 day workshop                               Value $550

2 x 2 hour one on one consult         Value $895

Secret group Facebook page, unlimited support Value $800

Total value $5240

Investment $3495

Sassy Women Group $2995 or 3 payments of $1165 or 6 payments of $660

Deposit one payment

Rise and Shine Recurring Payment

Paid in full today $1995

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