Sick of Mr Wrong?

Do you keep on attracting the same types of relationships in your life?

Are you sick of the controllers, the emotionally unavailable, the womanisers, the unfaithful, the abusers, or the plain old boring ones who don’t like change?  Sick of Mr Wrong?

If that is you, then the truth is you will always keep on attracting the same type of relationships until you understand what causes it and how to stop it. If you have noticed a pattern in the type of relationships you attract, then unless you take some action, you’ll keep getting more of the same.  Their clothes might change, but the patterns will be the same. It will still be Mr Wrong rocking up at your door.

There is an easy solution that you can learn to apply for yourself that breaks this cycle of Groundhog Day Relationships, so you can start to attract the kinds of people into your life who treat you in the way you deserve to be treated.  Can you imagine that? Mr Right for a change.

This is not a ‘talking about it’ solution.  This is a clearing solution.

Once you understand what causes  Groundhog Day Relationships, you can break the cycle and you can start to attract loving, harmonious people into your life, your soul mate even. Just because you’ve had many troublesome relationships in the past, doesn’t mean that has to be your future. And don’t kid yourself that the next one will be different from the others.

This is the problem.  Do you have a history of poor relationships either in your own life or in your family history?  you have Unfinished Business.  The ‘energy’ from failed relationships now resides in your cellular memory and has taken up residence in your DNA. This  unfinished business now becomes part of your vibration. Vibration is what fuels the Law of Attraction. And the LOA dictates that the men who show up in your life vibrate in such a way that at first they seem a perfect match. Your energy matches his. And it seems magical. It must be Love.♥  He also carries similar unfinished business as you, but once the relationship gets underway, the unfinished business in both of you becomes triggered, over and over and over again. And before long, you’ll wonder how you could have got it so wrong.

Or maybe, you’ve moved beyond that point where you just know that he is a jerk before the relationship even gets off the ground, but you keep on meeting Mr Wrong.

I know you think you can solve this on your own.  I thought the same once.  I thought because I knew all of this intellectually that I wouldn’t choose Mr Wrong again.  And yet despite this knowledge, I went on to have the very worst relationship ever.  Knowing it is not enough. The ‘energy’ of this needs to be cleared so that Mr Right can  become a vibrational match for you and actually find you.

Just because your friends tell you that you’ll find someone better than the last one who didn’t deserve you, because you are a great person, and deserve more, the truth is that is  not going to happen, because energetically it’s impossible if you have Unfinished Business in your energy field. Once we develop a pattern it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  That is how the Law of Attraction operates.  The only real solution to breaking the cycle of Groundhog Day Relationships is to discover what causes it and learn how to clear it.  It doesn’t happen because you are a nice person and it doesn’t happen by wishful thinking.

Imagine having a wonderfully supportive relationship, the kind you give to everyone else.

Imagine what it will feel like when you have a partner who truly loves you for who you are, who supports you, nurtures you, respects you and who is your best friend.

Break the cycle of Groundhog Day Relationships and get ready for Mr Right

  • find out exactly what  keeps attracting Mr Wrong to you  and clear this energy from your cellular memory and DNA
  • learn what you need to do to attract the right relationships
  • learn an amazing metaphysical tool to manifest Mr Right

If you are ready to break the old patterns, then take some action. If you have had enough of Mr Wrong and are ready to meet Mr Right, contact me now and let’s get started.

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