Soul Genius

Have you ever thought that your potential was far greater than your achievements or the results you’ve been getting in life?

Have you realized that no matter how hard you try or how many times you change careers or direction you never really get the results you might expect with your ability and the amount of work you do?

Do you make good progress and then you backtrack? 

You still doubt yourself, maybe not all the time, but far too much.

You look around and you see all these other people achieving what you want to achieve and you wonder what’s wrong with you, why you can’t just push though and make it happen.

 It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? 

And yes, I know you’ve done lots of clearing work, changed many limiting beliefs and seen some really good results in your life but still something is not quite right and you can’t put your finger on it.

You know you have the skills, you know you are smart, probably much smarter than those around you who are getting better results.  You know you’re a hard worker and you know that you should be able to make things work.  But for some reason you feel as though there is an invisible hand on your head holding you down and you’re like the energiser bunny furiously paddling but not getting anywhere. 

You know you are not achieving the results you want or experiencing that kind of relationships you crave. 

You either sabotage yourself, procrastinate or waste time. Or maybe all three. 

I’m talking here to those who really feel that gap, who experience the world every day with a deep sense of feeling that their ability could stretch further, that they are really here to do bigger or better things.

Do you ‘see’ things that others just don’t see?

Do you ‘feel’ things that others don’t?

Do you ‘know’ things that you can’t explain and wonder why others don’t know about them?

And because you seem to be the only one that sees, feels and know these things you push them down, second guess yourself, assume you must be wrong because why would I be privy to this when others aren’t, smarter people than me, more intuitive people than me.

The result?  You hold back, keep quiet, push those ideas away, and settle for a life of quiet mediocrity, even though you haven’t given up but feel like you could.

But the thoughts and knowing and feelings don’t go away no matter how hard you try to ignore them, distract yourself, tell yourself you’re mistaken.

And you know why the ideas, knowledge and feelings won’t go away?

What you are experiencing is YOUR Soul Genius.

Pure and simple.

Do you feel like you’re driving a Porsche in second gear?  And with the hand brake on?

Because that’s what you’re doing and here’s why.

You haven’t fully healed your Core Wound, the basis of all blocks, all sabotage, all triggers and all limitations.

There is one wound, so deep and so painful that no matter how much inner work and clearing we’ve done sits there deeply buried, festering away and blocking your access to your full potential and your Soul Genius.

You might already know what it is. You might have courted it before, releasing some of it and saying, ‘But I’m better than I used to be,’ or this, “But I’ve worked on that before.”

Of course you have. You’ve lanced the boil. Maybe more than once but you haven’t fully healed the wound because you’ve not gone deep enough. And that is the problem.

And it’s from that wound you are leaking power, preventing you from fully accessing your gifts.

That wound blocks your success, abundance and validation because it is from that wound you created your Self Image.

♦Heal that and it changes everything.

♦Heal that and limiting patterns fall away.

♦Heal that and sabotage stops.

♦Heal that and procrastination stops.

♦Heal that and self doubt becomes a cosmic joke.

That’s Step One in accessing and stepping into your Soul Genius. 

And we don’t move on to step two until that wound is completely healed.  You’ll know when. If it’s not done, then this work will end up the same way as all the others you’ve done, half assed.

I’m not up for that.  I will get you to drill down and keep drilling down until you reach bedrock, till there’s nothing left, no wound, not even a scar. I’ll check in with you and wait until you’re cooked because there’s no use moving on leaving this toxic shit behind.

Because I insist you get the result. I require it, so if you don’t think you’re up for that, stop reading now.

Step Two is a Self Image Upgrade.

Your Self Image, that internal picture you have of yourself, not the confident, successful one you show to the world, but the real one, the small one and the Shadow one blocks your success.

Your self image desperately needs upgrading to a higher vibration if you’ve been carrying that unhealed Core Wound for so long. You made that earlier version of you when the Core Wound was  in place to protect yourself from more pain and from fear, and to make sense of the world.

It’s a really old version of who you are. Time for it to disintegrate and to install a new version, just as you would do an upgrade on your phone or computer.

I used to do these upgrades on myself and clients and they had an effect but nothing as profound an impact they have after the Core Wound is resolved.

There will be tears, lots of tears. In fact, there has to be tears. That’s sign of energy shifting as a recognition of just how you really saw yourself, even though you pretended you didn’t and held that down trying to be positive, not wanting to incur the wrath of the Law of Attraction.  It’s a deeply moving recognition after that Core Wound is healed. And you’ll wonder why you did that to yourself.

A Self Image Upgrade will involve

Dismantling the old version of you, really pulling it apart, ripping it out by the roots.

Balancing the masculine and feminine energies in you because they need each other so you can function effectively.

Knowing you are the Creator of your life, and therefore not at the mercy of circumstances or crappy old stories.

Installing a new, upgraded picture of you with all the attributes and habits you need to fulfill that goal you have.

You get to create any image of you that you like in any role you like.  Why not a celebrity coach to the stars, a magnificent money manifestor, an executive coach to CEO’s or the best damn mother and partner on the planet.

Your life, your choice, your creation.

I know some of you have tried to do this before but it can’t possibly take shape while the Core Wound blocks it, because the wound seeps through and brings you down.

Once you see yourself as whatever image you created and FEEL it in every cell of your being then you CAN create it.  There’s no fooling that feeling.  You either feel it or you don’t.

And when you feel like that, you’ll take the appropriate action.  No more sitting on the couch for hours on end gorging on Netflix.

And once again we don’t move on until you own that UPGRADE, till you know without any doubt, without any hesitation that this is the new YOU, the multidimensional you, the Soul Genius you, the one who is ready to shine brightly, to do the very thing you you were meant to do.

And the Third Step is to Play in the Quantum Field.  Doesn’t that sound delightful?

This is where you merge your healed, upgraded YOU with your SOUL.

This is where you tap into the Divine, that field of Universal Intelligence where all things are possible.

This is where you directly experience your superconscious mind and bring into your reality the manifested image of your #lifebydesign.

And each step of the way we rewire your brain to create the neural pathways to make that possible.

In this third step you will,

  • Directly communicate with your subconscious mind to make real lasting change.  Real lasting change only occurs at the subconscious level.
  • Tap into the superconscious mind, the limitless intelligence of the universe, the source of all solutions, creations and life itself.  You’ll learn to get out of your own way and trust this intelligence to deliver to you without interference.
  • Know the Truth of who you are so self doubt and fear can fall away.  Imagine that.
  • Learn the skill of Imagineering to see, feel, hear and live your goals.  Mental rehearsal of your goals allows your subconscious mind to not only know what you want, it starts the process of creation for you.
  • Make the Peak Performance Zone a daily ritual in your life

A 3 month coaching package consists of 12 x 30 minute laser targeted one on one sessions where we’ll alchemize all this stuff and more. You’ll have unlimited but reasonable access to me via Facebook messenger during office hours because email drives me crazy.  The cost is $3000. And a payment plan is available.

You can apply by booking a 30 minute Application Call.   During that call I’ll ask you a series of questions to see if you qualify to work with me.  If you qualify and if we are fit, I will invite you to work with me.

This is life changing.  It’s not for everyone.  It’s for those willing to empty their shit bucket, recreate themselves anew and create what you’ve only dreamed about before.  I’m in that third stage now.  This work has only come to me recently, but I’m so excited to share it with you and to see you explode out of your limited egoic based self into the Soul Genius that deep down you know you are and have always known.  I can’t wait to work with you.

I know that you’ve been searching for something like this, that final piece for you that will make all the difference to you.

2019 is going to be a cracker year for me. Hopefully I can take you with me.

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