Stop being a worrier

Stop being a worrier
Stop worrying

If you are a worrier you might not recognize it as stress.  But it is.  Any strong, negative emotion is a stress on the body, mind and spirit.  And chronic patterns of any negative emotions are the biggest stresses of all. They wreak havoc on your immune system, block your creativity and prevent you from seeing possibilities.

How worry impacted me

I have had a health phobia all my life but nothing I tried alleviated it.  And believe me I tried everything.  It raised my blood pressure to an unacceptable high, kept me in a state of high alert looking for symptoms and eventually caused vertigo.

I know this because eventually I went to a Dizzy Clinic to be rigorously tested for a cause and after two hours the practitioner told me in a subtle a way as possible that I was causing it and it was a stress response. Actually, that was a massive relief to me because I knew what to do about that. And now the vertigo is a thing of the past.

How I reclaimed my balance

To put it simply I rewired my brain to think and feel differently about health issues and to deal with it as a stress response.  In the past I had been feverishly working on trying to get rid of the vertigo.  But nothing I did worked.

I had also tried multiple times to stop thinking that a disease or illness was lying in waiting for me.  But that didn’t work either.

But I stopped being a disease and illness worrier. I stopped feeling the anxiety and I felt peace around my ability to stay healthy. I rewired my brain.

Rewiring your brain stops you being a worrier

There are two approaches to rewiring your brain.  One is easier and more effective than the other. There is the cognitive approach which did work somewhat in calming my reactions but it took too long and I had to be so consistent that it would have been easy to give up and say that didn’t work.  (Another pattern that has been rewired)

Once I threw EFT Tapping at the problem, I found it was the stress solution that worked the best and it was by far the fastest and most effective. Strangely enough, it had never occurred to me to tackle the stress response head on or that it made me a worrier.

How long does it take to stop being a worrier?

Well that depends on a few things. One is which approach you use to rewiring your thinking. The cognitive approach will work but it’s difficult to deal with the resistance to change and the belief that being a worrier is beneficial and is keeping you safe.  Worrying has the opposite effect and it can become such an ingrained habit that it’s not easy to shake.

If you use the energetic approach, which I call my Thought Zapper or Tapping it becomes easier to shake a lifetime habit of worry and stress related symptoms.

I eliminated the worry habit and all the stresses associated with it in a couple of weeks. I was consistent with the Tapping every time I became aware of a thought or feeling. 

Are you ready to stop being a worrier?

The cognitive approach I used was this; “I don’t do worry anymore.”  And followed it up with “I chose a stress free life,” or something like that.  Make up your own.  It works better that way.

If you find the worry habit hard to break, investigate Tapping.  There are thousands of videos on YouTube.  Search for tapping worry or EFT worry.  You might find success after only a few rounds of Tapping.

If that doesn’t work for you it might be because either the video is not specific enough for your brand of worry or the cognitive mantra needs to be more specific.

Being specific is key to stop being a worrier

We all worry about different things so the key to success with changing our thinking and feeling is to be very, very SPECIFIC.

If you can become very specific and use repetitive phrases, you’ll rewire your brain.

When you need help to break the worry habit

Change is hard for all of us.  Our brains are wired to keep us the same as the brain is a survival tool to keep us safe and alive.  It sees the elimination of worry as a survival threat and can put up a mighty fight in the hope you fail.

If you’d like to learn how to stop being a worrier in one session, contact my office to set up an appointment time for a phone consultation.  The cost for one hour is $195.

Don’t be a worrier for the rest of your life. Make a change now.

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