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Why should I change?

A common response to the concept of becoming BullyProof is “Why should I change? He’s the one with the problem, not me.” I remember asking the same question when confronted with the knowledge that the only way forward was to let go of what had happened in my past  and come to a place of forgiveness.  […]

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The Dynamic Of Bullying

In a Facebook group recently I read a post by a woman asking for help with a business bullying situation. To be honest, most of the advice she was given belongs in the last century. The roots of bullying are victim consciousness and powerlessness. Reporting the matter, standing up for ourselves, and learning strategies to […]

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Bullied girl

Bullying; Time to change the way we deal with it?

It’s time to yell, ‘Paradigm shift,’ when it comes to bullying. Let’s be brutally honest, the old ways of dealing with bullying are not working.  It doesn’t matter how many times we sign petitions, post ‘Say no to Bullying’ memes on social media or adopt a zero tolerance policy in our schools, bullying will never […]

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