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Why should I change?

A common response to the concept of becoming BullyProof is “Why should I change? He’s the one with the problem, not me.” I remember asking the same question when confronted with the knowledge that the only way forward was to let go of what had happened in my past  and come to a place of forgiveness.  […]

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What’s wrong with anti bullying campaigns

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying “You can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.” And that’s exactly what we have been attempting to do with anti bullying campaigns. The current paradigm around dealing with bullying is to maintain the sanctity of victimhood which is a very low level vibration for the […]

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Bully Disruptors

Nothing disrupts a bully more than the target behaving in an unpredictable way. Bully behaviour is designed to intimidate, but when their words or behaviour don’t have the desired effect, not only are they shocked, they are disrupted. And that’s exactly what needs to happen to disarm a bully. You will most likely stop being […]

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Don’t give away your power

Do you have to be hurt when someone bullies you or tries to intimidate or belittle you? Do you have to be hurt when you are criticised, left out or rejected? For most of my life I would have said yes, of course. But not any more. We all have the power and the ability […]

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Anti Bullying Campaigns Will Fail

Anti bullying campaigns, for all their beautiful intentions do not have the power to stop bullying. Just as the get tougher on crime slogans, the war on cancer, drugs and terror have done nothing to eradicate these harsh situations, neither will anti bullying programs. They can never work effectively enough to see a drastic reduction […]

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Could Oprah be bullied?

When I ask anyone who has ever been bullied if they could imagine the Queen being bullied they look at me incredulously as if the question is stupid. What about Richard Branson? Could you ever imagine him being bullied? Or Oprah? How about Bill Gates? Of course it would be hard to imagine any of […]

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Bullied girl

Bullying; Time to change the way we deal with it?

It’s time to yell, ‘Paradigm shift,’ when it comes to bullying. Let’s be brutally honest, the old ways of dealing with bullying are not working.  It doesn’t matter how many times we sign petitions, post ‘Say no to Bullying’ memes on social media or adopt a zero tolerance policy in our schools, bullying will never […]

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Why Bullying Will Never End

  Bullying will never end while human beings live in a third dimensional reality characterised by duality, by notions of good, bad, right, wrong and judgement. It will never end full stop, until every human being on the planet is fully able to access the innate power we all have.   Cause of Bullying Bullying […]

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