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Stress Less at Work

7 Easy Ways to Stress Less at Work with EFT

Stress Less Today Would you like to stress less at work? Workplace stress is a troubling issue for both employees and employers and yet little seems to be done about it in the workplace. If there are no programs currently running at your workplace, there are ways you can stress less at work that don’t involve […]

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For Those Who Are Struggling Right Now

I see many posts on Facebook about those who are struggling right now with health, work, money or other issues.  And the intention of these posts is to provide moral support by sending positive thoughts. We are asked to copy and paste to our profiles with the intention of creating an intention avalanche.  As one […]

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Give Stress the Flick

You can give stress the flick.  Learn why you should and how you can do it. How stress works You’ve probably all heard the statement that stress is a silent killer, but do we really understand how stress can kill us. Every time we perceive a situation as stressful, our bodies become flooded with adrenaline.  Now, […]

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Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress is a Management Issue

Your company is only as productive and healthy as your staff. If they are stressed, productivity suffers. The key findings of the Medibank-commissioned research into work related stress are that: Stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism are costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year.  Stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism are directly costing employers $10.11 billion a year. […]

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Do you get pissed off?

Do You Get Pissed Off Often?

My cousin Danny used to drive me nuts when I was a child. He was always happy, laughing and carefree, no matter what happened.  And that really annoyed me. In stark contrast, I was angry, fearful, worried and sad and that’s before anything bad happened. And I was pissed off about this. It seemed to […]

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